now THIS is how you make a cheap, easy, and healty dinner. **PICS**

made a little ‘orange chicken’ stirfry last night. VERY simple.

take 2-3 boneless/skinless chicken breasts – cut ’em up into ~1" cubes. Marinate them with 2 tbsp rice wine, and 2 tbsp corn starch. let ’em marinate for 30 minutes.

sauce: ~1/2cup OJ, 2tbsp soy sauce, 1tsp sesame oil (yum), 2tsp brown sugar, 1tsp chili oil or flakes. I put a tbsp of corn starch in the sauce as well – really helps to thicken it up. If you like more orange flavor (this just has a hint of orange), put some orange marmelade in the sauce. that’ll really kick it up a notch

Good left over dishes

What are some good recipes ya’ll know that I can make on sunday watching football that I will be good to reheat for the next 2 or 3 days? Now that I started cooking for myself I realize I really enjoy it and that I need to build up a library of knowledge
I think pasta makes the best leftovers. That and stirfry.

chicken and broccoli fettucine alfredo is always the best the next day. so is chilli.

i’ve been trying to cook my own hamburgers

i use mine all the time (i got it as a gift). the problem i see with it is that it ends up steaming the meat half the time instead of really grilling because a lot of the juices just get trapped in there.

i find it works better on chicken than beef, though i cook steak on there every so often.

personally, i love a burger cooked in a cast iron pan.
no its a great idea, my friend has a grill like that and he loves it.
ive done it before. it wasnt bad. i guess its better than eating no hamburgers at all

Please help! v.can’tcooktosavemylife

I want to learn to cook, and I want to learn to love it. Right now, the state of affairs looks like this:

– I can make pasta (premade sauce ), rice and vegetarian stir fry. That is all. I tried meat a few times but it always comes out tough and stringy.
– I currently find cooking boring and a waste of my time, which I’m sure isn’t helping things.

I think the only reason my weight hasn’t soared is because I tend to avoid classic junk food (soda, candy bars, chips, etc) and would rather not eat than expend the effort. Obviously that last bit is some flawed thinking. I’m reasonably bright and creative in other areas, so I’m sure I can learn to cook and love it. I think I need a kick in the right direction.

Cheap and easy way to cook a chicken breast?

I didn’t eat meat for nearly 15 years. Never been much of a cook. But I’m trying to start actually cooking things that don’t go from a box to a microwave.

I’m sure actually cooking the thing isn’t complicated, but I have no idea what to put on it… how long to cook it, etc.
get the george foreman grill. Best grill ever for non-cooks.

Just grill for a few minutes and cut into it to see if its done in the middle.
I guess I’m looking more for how to flavor it.