For those of you in Hurricane/Earthquake areas…

New nail out by Bostitch, been around for a little bit but hasnt really gotten too much attention yet.

Cost over regular nails? About $15 more for a 2,000 sq ft house … anyone looking to build, should talk to their contractor about using these nails.

it really doesn’t matter, if the house was built before any of the most recent codes changes (Since Hurricane Andrew), it would most likely fail if strong enough winds were present.

But hey, $15 is chump change if your building a new house.

My project (lots of pics)

Step 1: Buy house.

Step 2: Get annoyed with quality of basement finish.

Step 3: Gut it

Step 4: Go from Colorado to Florida for work for 2 weeks. Have a problem with furnace and get whole house to freeze. Have 4 pipes burst and get to come back and fix the problem. Luckily my house didn’t flood. In these pics, you can see where the piping originally ran along the front edge of the house where it can get freeze the easiest. Since it burst there anyways, I rerouted the piping straight into the middle of the house then over to the center so there was minimum piping along the front.

Buying new home questions

I already own a home, but absolutely suck at the buying/home upkeep/home process (as evidenced by the fact that I am now looking for a new place).

Few questions:

1. For anyone in the Twin Cities areas, what are thoughts regarding house pricing and where it will go in the next year or two. Southern metro area in general, Eagan, Apple Valley, Rosemount, and Plymouth/Minnetonka area as well. I don’t think we’ve seen the bubble as badly as Florida, California, etc., and won’t be upset if I don’t get great appreciation in the first few years, but don’t want to buy something that’s worth 30% less in the next year.

Want to put in a flagstone patio..

I want to install a flagstone patio on the back of the house… in the planning stages now.

Has anyone done it? Input? Thoughts?
we just put abunch in our garden out front and it looks great



Bourbon v.EDU

I feel it necessary to get some FACTS out there pertaining to the delicious spirit known as Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Some people say they don’t like it but have only drunk shitty ass Jim Beam white label in high school or college! What the mother fuck?!? I’ve even heard some people refer to bourbon as "rot gut!" This hurts me deeply. May the ignorant souls who slander bourbon burn in eternal hell! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion however there are many misconceptions about America’s native spirit. I have decided to take time to re-educate the idiot masses in hopes that whoever reads this at least gains a small understanding of this drink. I don’t expect everyone to love bourbon after reading this, however you will probably be surprised about some of what you learn.

Cooking Crew: What is your style and signature dish?

I honestly have no idea what my style is. I call it Surf Food because most of my influences come from the various places I have visited on surf trips. Lots of Central American and Caribbean flavors. I try to make dishes with a lot of flavor but still good for you. Heart Healthy, Stoner Approved. So if you made a New Years resolution to eat healthier, I have a ton of recipes like this.

My signature dishes are usually fish with some sort of homemade salsa. Last night I made a variation that ended up being really good so here goes.


I was at Hannaford last night grocery shopping and we were all done and got in the truck and it wouldn?t start. I spent an hour at Hannaford last night and over $2 on a pay phone waiting for a tow truck and a ride home. We finally got Andy, my dad?s worker, and his father to bring us home. So this weekend we can?t go anywhere, Andy had to bring me to work.

I worked 11 hours this week! Ok that?s the most I?ve ever worked there. I got $79 for this week though. But every time I get tips there all in 1?s. I have $27 of all one?s now. I made $7.50 an hour tonight though. I have to work tomorrow again and next Saturday. I took Proms and Florida off tonight. Looks like Barry is not going to have many hostesses left on the 18th, 4 of the 5 hostesses took that night off and he usually has 3 on Saturday nights. Oh well for him.

Doug went to the florist today. He got a pink rose for him and 2 pink roses and a white carnation hand thingy for me. It?s the same for is Prom but in purple.

Oh my god, I woke up this morning at about 7 and everything was moving. My whole bed was shaking. Well it was a 5.1 earthquake. The epicenter was 15 miles southwest of Plattsburgh.

Long Distance

I worked tonight. I got $7.22 an hour, $10 in tips. I found a bounce ball :). I got a ride home from one of the girls that work there tonight. Not that’s it?s a bad job, I just don?t work that often. I work Sunday at 4 though.

Dee got the job at Cumberland Farms. She started tonight and works Saturday and Sunday. Oh no “I won’t get to see my boyfriend all weekend.” That still pisses me off though. Well I got something on her, I probably make more, and I take it she’s in the $5 range for a first job and at that place.

I got the phone bill today. Calling Doug is a local call :), that means I can call him whenever I want now. But what I think is weird is that I can call down the road 5 minutes to C&R and be charged for long distance, but then call Doug 45 minutes away and have it be a local call. But it’s a long distance call for him to call me but not C&R.

I have to get up early tomorrow and clean the house. Then we are going to the mall to Liberty Travel to pay for our Florida trip.

Eric found a date for the Prom; I guess he?s going with one of his friend’s friends that he hasn’t met before. Now our limo is full. J We are all meeting at Doug?s house between 5:30-6. I called for my hair appointment today, May 4th, 2:00 PM.

People who try get less, people who don’t get more.