Having a pool put in…Lots of pics 56k…you will be hosed.

Thought you guys might want to see the pics of the process so far. The yard isn’t huge so we went with a 30×18 play pool (4-5-4). It will have a waterfall, spa, and tanning ledge. The coping will be oklahoma flagstone, I don’t remember the name of the tile, but it is a natural loooking tile, and the decking will be stampcrete in the shape of flagstone. The finish on the pool will be Midnight Blue Pebble Tec.

I’m not going to post the layout pictures as they are really hard to see. The layout was sprayed in orange and the sun was bright.

Making Jerky
I got a home jerky making kit for xmas and yesterday i attempted to make some out of ground deer meat. I mixed and cooked it per the directions yet the flavor is lacking, and for some reason it all stuck to the cooking rack.

anybody do this and have some advice?

I never had a problem with it sticking to the rack. How did you use ground meat for jerky?

How did you dry the meat out? I used an oven a few times and, while it takes awhile, works well. Can also look up some recipes online for seasoning for jerky.

Anyone ever made a sink?

I’m looking to put in some new sinks for my bathroooms but i can’t find any that i like. I’ve got a certain design in mind and I’ve been trying to find something that might work for it… to no avail.

It seems to me that it’d be fairly simple to get what i want if i turned a plug out of wood(on a lathe), sealed it, made a mold and cast it in cement. Once i had the bowls, i could seal them or stain them or whatever to match… What am i overlooking?

In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m looking to make the raised bowl style sinks (vessel sinks i guess they’re called). something similar to these:

People with kitchen counter knownlegde(homeowners) I need help

i cracked my new counter that has yet to be installed. it is not tile, but some type of plastic on wood. Here is a pic, what can i do to fix it? i was thinking some type of sealent? but my counter is not all black, i am trying to make it as least noticable as possbile. Serious replies please, i need to fix this asap.

First, how on earth did you crack it?

Second, are you installing it yourself?

Third, where did you buy it? Can you call them and see if they can fix it? (maybe act like you found it like that or something, I dunno)