solar panels?

hey OT, do you guys reccomend a solar panel kit thats relativley inexspensive, yet produces some energy?


Baking for diabetic

Is it ok to bake with splenda instead of sugar if you want to bake for somebodey who is diabetic or is that the same as sugar?
Anybodey knows? And if so ,do you use the same amount splenda instead of sugar as it says in the baking recipe?

Its diabetes 2 need i say …
not sure about splenda, but my mom is diabetic and uses "stevia"… natural extract that’s hella sweeter than sugar. you also might want to try using a natural honey or brown sugar (which is not nearly as bad in moderation of course)

1st time homebuyer, forclosure?

So my man and I are going to buy a house in the spring. We’ve just started looking. I found a house listed as a forclosure not far from our apartments, owned by the bank. Is listed at 109K, appraised for 224K. 3500 sqft. I’m keeping an eye on it right now for the spring.

Does anyone have some good, legit resources for learning about forclosures? Any stories, good or bad, from your own experiences? Anything I should look out for especially?
If it’s that good of a deal, it’s going to be gone by spring. 1 of two things is going to happen. 1. it’s a pile of shit inside and needs 100K in work. or 2. it’s actually a good deal and you need to jump on it.

Power sources for disposer and dishwasher??

Yeah, I’m thinking of adding a garbage disposal and a dishwasher to this pole barn. Silly question… What powers these 2 things? I know the disposal uses a standard switch, but does it have a plug in somewhere?? I know the dishwasher needs a water in and a water discharge, but what powers it? Are they 110, 220, or something else? Don’t worry, I’m not actually doing the work; a contractor will be. I’m just seeing what needs to be set up.
I think dishwasher models vary so you’ll want to check out the model washer you are getting to be sure. Disposers are usually 110 but some of the bigger commercial models may use 220.

New Blender: Need Tips

Just got this blender from Walmart for $35:

It came with a food processor attachment which I think will come in handy. Maybe some fresh salsa?

I just made my first smoothie with: 2 apples, 2 bananas. 1 orange, about 3 cups milk, 3 cups ice, and 2-3 tablespoons of honey.

It came out ‘ok’ and no matter what I know I just had a damn healthy meal. But it wasnt really super tasty. And I would like some advice as to what I can do with this thing.

Little pick-me-up in the morning?

I’m trying to get away from my daily routine of coke in the morning to get going. Anyone have a suggestions on a better alternative? I’m not a big coffee fan but I can try it. Teas maybe?
try different coffees until you find one you like. That canned stuff is crap. Get some beans and a grinder.
Coffee is far better than soda for waking up. Not only does it have more caffeine and less sugar (which means you don’t get an insulin crash from it), but it also has all the complementary chemicals that are supposed to go along with the caffeine, so it has a better effect.

Who honestly needs a self propelled lawn mower?

You’re walking behind the damn thing anyways, it doesn’t take that much effort to actually push it. If you’re that lazy, buy a riding mower.

My grandparents have one, they are both in their 70s and dont have the muscle or energy to push it but like to mow their own lawn for exercise.

how to make apt/house smell good?

parents are visiting my apt for the first time next weekend… need to impress since they are always condescending to me. tried those sprays you can pick up at your local grocery store but they aren’t that good.

basically i need something relatively strong to get the smell of beer/chicken/ketchup out of here.
i’d start by making sure that you thoroughly clean the place. vacuum the carpets and floors, then steam clean the carpets and mop the floors. dust all of your furniture (use a cleaning polish). maybe get an air purifier if for whatever reason you’ve got "moist" air. also try out some air fresheners from bed bath and beyond.