Buying First Townhouse

Its in SFL. 3/2.5/1 Live with fam. dont have a piece of furniture or any electronics besides a laptop & TV

Name places to get nice furniture – kinda cheap (NOT USED)
dishes, electronics, etc.

I need to furnish the entire place !
Don’t really know what’s in your area man.

A lot of people like IKEA.. The RoomStore isn’t too bad but it’s not exactly cheap cheap, but you can get coupon if you’re on their mailing list.
Buy what you need, don’t rush into anything especially furniture. Don’t go buy a bunch of pots and pans and dish ware that will just sit in your cabinets.

Cat toys.

I’m sure anybody who has a cat knows that they can be ridiculously picky about the toys they like — buy them a $5 toy from PetSmart and they play with the plastic wrapper, and so on. I’ve found one toy, though, that has never failed to keep my kitties amused, and you can make it yourself.

Take two pre-made gift bows, peel off the wax paper covering the sticky pads, and stick them together. Crinkle it a little bit to get your cat’s attention, then chuck it down the hall. My cats go absolutely fucking berserk over these things, and they cost me maybe 25c apiece. Strangely, the pre-made crinkly balls don’t do a thing for them; I think it’s because the gift bows I use have loops of material, which gives them something to hook a claw into and send it flying in unpredictable directions.