Need some ideas for filling some empty space **PICS**

I’m about done having my basement room refinished as a bedroom and need some creative ideas for what to do with some empty space. Basically all thats left is to finish the fireplace and carpet the floors. As you might be able to see from the pictures, the space I’m referring to is to the left of the fireplace. It is the space in the second picture. The space to the right of the fireplace will be a closet. It’s about the right size for a fridge which is one option i’ve been throwing around but its not really something I want so any other ideas would be appreciated.

Help me fixup my future "Man Room"

Update 5/28 – scroll down for pics

This room is going to be dedicated as a man room. Basically it’s a room where I can escape from "teh wife" and play some video games/use the computer. I’m also going to be setting up a 5.1 surround sound for playing music off my computer

It currently has wood paneling covering the bottom half of the wall and is painted YELLOW up top

I want to tear it out and just paint it one solid color, but some people are telling me if I select another color up top that it will look better.

Box of Chicks

Ok no place has called me back. I applied at Kems and Save-A-Lot last Thursday and I’m getting nowhere. I called Eckerd, Hannaford, and Wal-Mart Thursday. Eckerd is not hiring, and Hannaford and Wal-Mart told me they would call me (so that means no). Doug said I would get an interview if I called them but all I got was “you can come down to the store and fill out an application” and “will call you.” Anyone else have any other ideas of where to work because I’m running out of places, that AREN’T food!

Doug came up Saturday. We played rotating hiding go seek, which is hard because the person your trying to find keeps moving from location to location. Then we went to Friendly in Johnstown and then to the movies to see Time Machine. I liked when he was in like late1800’s and 2030’s more than in 80,000’s. Then on Sunday morning we went to Wal-Mart and Wendy’s. I talked Doug out of getting a DVD player. He got me a box of little chicks.