What’s the new hotness in cookware?

looking for something that is nonstick and has glass tops.
non-stick sucks ass for anything aside from eggs. I like all-clad, but got like 32 pieces of calphalon for $300 from my mom.

you have them? what model?

I have almost all calphalon pans, and I use both the nonstick ones and their stainless steel ones. I would have to say the two most used pans in my kitchen are my nonstick griddle (everything comes off it so easily) and my simply calphalon steel saute pan (cheaper than their other lines, but still high quality and their only dishwasher safe line).

permanent marker

I’m not sure this is the right forum, but my 15 year old was watching his 2 yr old brother and now I havw permanent marker all over my back door, the door frame, one wall (painted- I can repaint it if necessary but would rather not,) and my dishwasher. Will a magic eraser remopve it or rubbing alcohol maybe? Any suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!! rotten children, I tell you what!!
I was going to suggest the magic eraser, we used that when my bosses grand kids wrote all over the walls here at work, and it came out just fine.

Help with cast iron pan?

Hey all. I have a Lodge 12" cast iron pan as well as a pair of small cast iron pans that I inherited from an aunt. The two that I inherited feel smooth as glass across the bottom and are amazing. Hardly anything sticks and they are so easy to clean. The new pan, on the other hand, is rough along the bottom and everything sticks. When I’m done cooking in them, I just put a little oil and kosher salt (a la Alton Brown) and scrub around. I can get most out, but there is still a thin layer of burnt stuff that I just can’t scrub off. Is this normal? Is it going to take a while before it is as good as those other pans or is it not going to get like that?

Calphalon Pots/Pans

Are these any good? Anything better in their price range? Gotta stock the new kitchen this weekend and these are looking to be a good option.
Love my set I got from Target, just get some Calphalon cooking utensils to go along with then.
I ended up getting a 12 piece set. Bed Bath & Beyond had a special going, spend over 300 and get a $50.00 gift card, spend over $400.00 and get another calphalon pot. I’m very happy with mine so far. A little disappointed they’re not dishwasher safe but it’s a small price to pay.

Cutting board for slicing meat and veggies?

I’d like to pick up some nice knives because my Faberwares are pretty shitty. The problem is that I use a glass cutting board. Should I switch over to that hard white plastic or wood? Is wood bad to use because of bacteria?
I don’t use wood for raw meat and especially not for chicken. Those plastic boards are not expensive so definately switch over to them instead of glass. They are worlds easier on knife blades over glass. In fact, don’t use those glass boards for any cutting.

If you have the money, then I’d also get a nice hardwood cutting board for veggies and cooked food. Some people also will do red meat on them, and to be honest, I end up doing it sometimes as well. But never with poultry.

New Fridge water line vs. dishwasher (& counter gap)

I’m having a new fridge delivered from Best Buy on the 23rd in my new house. Problem is, I have a copper water line that was left by the previous owner, and Best Buy says that the installation people won’t install to a copper water line. So, I’m going to replace it with a plastic line.

The thing is, the line runs behind the dishwasher. This dishwasher was what looks like a "home grown" install. It looks like it’s directly sitting on the subfloor, and sits about 1.5 inches below the nice, expensive tile floor in front of it. It has cutouts where the feet sit.

Cutting Board?

Has anyone used the epicurean cutting boards? i’m looking into buying their cheapest line, but an 11"x15" is around $25, Is it worth it? They seem really nice Otherwise, is theresomething similiar but cheaper
I don’t think that size would be big enough to do anything, despite if the cutting board is worth it or not. Those cutting boards look kinda strange

I like having 2 cutting boards, one polymer and the other wood. The polymer board is for cutting chicken (on one side which I have marked) and anything that’ll mess up the wooden board, like if it might stain it or if it’s too acidic. The wooden one is for everything else I like cutting boards that are about 18"x24" (+/- 3" on each side and I’m still cool with it).

Best article on cooking steak that I’ve seen in a while

This is well worth the read. I used to be a grill cook at a top restaurant in Ann Arbor and now I feel like an amateur compared to the guys in the back of the house of Morton’s and Peter Luger.

Here’s the original article if you have a WSJ online sub:

The Search for the Perfect Steak

Power sources for disposer and dishwasher??

Yeah, I’m thinking of adding a garbage disposal and a dishwasher to this pole barn. Silly question… What powers these 2 things? I know the disposal uses a standard switch, but does it have a plug in somewhere?? I know the dishwasher needs a water in and a water discharge, but what powers it? Are they 110, 220, or something else? Don’t worry, I’m not actually doing the work; a contractor will be. I’m just seeing what needs to be set up.
I think dishwasher models vary so you’ll want to check out the model washer you are getting to be sure. Disposers are usually 110 but some of the bigger commercial models may use 220.

Best way to cook fish?

I’ve gotten pretty handy at cooking steak, poultry, and pork, but have never tried cooking fish.

I have a pair of Mahi steaks I plan on cooking tomorrow – pointers? Recipe suggestions? Anything I should know about cooking fish that’s different from cooking dry land meats?
depends very much on the fish (I am no expert either, but based on my successes/failures).

first off, don’t keep it long or its going to get funky–i tend to cook it the day i buy it. likewise for leftovers–don’t plan on having any.