Amazon Kindle

Anybody else have one?

Got one for my birthday and I’m absolutely loving it so far The readability is great, the wireless link for buying books is super easy with decent price points. I’ve got a business trip coming up next week and am looking forward to brining it instead of a couple of books.

The page refresh was a bit off putting at first, but I soon found a rythm of hitting the next page button as I’m reading the last line of the current page, so now the refresh happens as I’m moving my eyes back to the top of the page and I don’t really notice the refresh anymore. The one weak spot I’ve noticed so far is that you can’t add a folder structure to organize your reading material. All your books go in to you books folder. Not a big deal now as I’ve only downloaded 10, but I can see that getting cumbersome as I add more titles.

Welcome to The Kitchen

Welcome to the Kitchen.

Give me some suggestions, guys. Any ideas for sticky threads? I’m thinking maybe one for where people can post a recipe that they are going to follow, and then take pictures of the process would be fun. Also, a sticky with helpful links and resources would be a good idea, too.

On the liquor aspect.

A few ground rules:
1. Keep all discussion tasteful and relevant.

2. This is not the place to come for frat party tips. Nothing along the lines of “We’re having a kegger tonight, which beer will get us all drunk for cheap?” or “What’s a good jungle juice recipe?” Feel free to discuss microbrews or homebrewing recipes: the more refined facets of beer.

3. Say more than, “I love brand X of wine.” Tell us why you like it, what foods complement it well, how much it costs, where you can find it, etc. The more information you can give us, the better.

Any other suggestions? Any topics that would be good for a sticky? Perhaps homemade cocktail recipes? Let us know!
oh shi… i’d have to actually clean my cooktop if i were gonna take pics
the picture thread idea is good. I’d participate if I owned a digital camera. I’ll be sure to hot-link this forum whenever there’s a food thread in the main forums too
Thanks for the input, any more suggestions? (more…)