Need suggestions/help on tiling 4×7 area.

Need to redo laundry closet and maybe my bathroom if it’s not too hard. Im gonna see if there are any workshops at the home centers and read online how to do it. How easy is it to mess up? Both parts currently have linoleum with cement under it. Basically gonna redo most of the bathroom.

I want this

To turn into this

I certainly wouldn’t call tiling easy, but there are plenty of how-tos online

Like this one


Ryobi angle grinder

I just bought a 4.5" grinder with cutting in mind … the Dremel cutting wheels just go too quick.

So I get an AG452 (the display says 451), it comes with grinding wheel, wire wheel, and abrasive mop so I bought two metal cutters. I get home and start putting this together and it’s nowhere near tightening on the disc

I noticed it’s a Norton wheel, is there a Ryobi metal cutting wheel, that I’m not seeing, that will fit the way it’s supposed to?
on my grinder when i want to se a cutoff disk i have to flip the nut over and put on backwards for it to tighten.

Buying a used Router, question..

These are two I found today.
1 1/2 HP Ryobi router. It works well and is in good condition $30
Older Craftsman benchtop router table $50

I want to make doors for my aquarium stand. So I want to make a cut in the middle of my wood to put in wood inserts.
I would also like to round the edge of the wood of the door.

I’m hoping you don’t need top end gear to accomplish this (unlike a table saw, I’m told you need a $500+ model to do anything worth while.)