For those of you in Hurricane/Earthquake areas…

New nail out by Bostitch, been around for a little bit but hasnt really gotten too much attention yet.

Cost over regular nails? About $15 more for a 2,000 sq ft house … anyone looking to build, should talk to their contractor about using these nails.

it really doesn’t matter, if the house was built before any of the most recent codes changes (Since Hurricane Andrew), it would most likely fail if strong enough winds were present.

But hey, $15 is chump change if your building a new house.

Old light wires Question

I just moved into a home that is about 50 years old and noticed one of the kitchen lights wasn’t working. The light would work only some of the time. I took out the light bulb and unscrewed the panel and noticed some black crap(turned out to be old old electricity tape) and some wires that were dark brown, almost rusty looking. Well it turns out the wires disconnected at the base (where the light bulb screws in). Before I checked one was only disconnected, but as I opened the panel the other wire snapped and the ceramic unit crashed into the sink. So now I had 2 rusty colored wires dangling. I taped them off with new electricty tape and put back on the panel.

Gotta quote and decided I need to have a go at this myself…

I had a contractor come out to check out remodeling a bathroom. Basically this room needs to be framed out and drywalled, plumbing run for a sink, and have a drop cieling and flooring put down. They quoted me 4700 bucks just to do the drywall, plumbing, and running a little electric..So I need help.

I dont know how to frame a room off and hang drywall. Anything you guys can tell me to help me get this goin?

I had a contractor come out to check out remodeling a bathroom. Basically this room needs to be framed out and drywalled, plumbing run for a sink, and have a drop cieling and flooring put down. They quoted me 4700 bucks just to do the drywall, plumbing, and running a little electric..So I need help.
My project (lots of pics)

Step 1: Buy house.

Step 2: Get annoyed with quality of basement finish.

Step 3: Gut it

Step 4: Go from Colorado to Florida for work for 2 weeks. Have a problem with furnace and get whole house to freeze. Have 4 pipes burst and get to come back and fix the problem. Luckily my house didn’t flood. In these pics, you can see where the piping originally ran along the front edge of the house where it can get freeze the easiest. Since it burst there anyways, I rerouted the piping straight into the middle of the house then over to the center so there was minimum piping along the front.

Buying new home questions

I already own a home, but absolutely suck at the buying/home upkeep/home process (as evidenced by the fact that I am now looking for a new place).

Few questions:

1. For anyone in the Twin Cities areas, what are thoughts regarding house pricing and where it will go in the next year or two. Southern metro area in general, Eagan, Apple Valley, Rosemount, and Plymouth/Minnetonka area as well. I don’t think we’ve seen the bubble as badly as Florida, California, etc., and won’t be upset if I don’t get great appreciation in the first few years, but don’t want to buy something that’s worth 30% less in the next year.

anyone done trenchless pipeing?

we are gonna change our main sewer pipe on our house and a contractor suggested us to use ‘trenchless pipeing’ wich is a new way of installing some kind of linear material to replace our old pipes, is this good? i would rather replace it with some new plastic pipes, but this guy seems to tell me its the new way of doing it without digging up our yard.
They use flexible polyethelene pipe and pull it through your existing pipe. Probably cheaper and easier but sounds more like a shortcut for the contractors. I dunno much about it though.

Power sources for disposer and dishwasher??

Yeah, I’m thinking of adding a garbage disposal and a dishwasher to this pole barn. Silly question… What powers these 2 things? I know the disposal uses a standard switch, but does it have a plug in somewhere?? I know the dishwasher needs a water in and a water discharge, but what powers it? Are they 110, 220, or something else? Don’t worry, I’m not actually doing the work; a contractor will be. I’m just seeing what needs to be set up.
I think dishwasher models vary so you’ll want to check out the model washer you are getting to be sure. Disposers are usually 110 but some of the bigger commercial models may use 220.

major garage reno. lots of pics

So Ive pretty much re-done every other area/room in the house except the garage. Its been bugging me for a long time. The walls had alot of holes in them and the old cabinets and brown peg board made it look pretty shitty. Also my brother is an electrician so everytime we re-do a room he’s upgraded the electric and ran new circuits because the whole house was originally done on like 3 circuits so this led to lots of wire being run from the panel through the garage into various parts of the house, so a main thing I wanted to accomplish was to cover all that mess up and put in new and less cabinets (since most of the old cabinets were filled with crap anyway and took up alot of space.)

Whole house furnace humidifer install…

Fuck, this dry heat is killing my throat, skin, and paint (in places). So I am getting an Aprilaire Humidifier installed at the furnace, whole house style. I figured a humidifier would install on the supply duct to get maximum benefit, but the dude doing it says the unit sits on the return air duct. I’m no contractor, but it seems humidifying air (return side duct) then running it through my gas furnace would dry out the air. I didn’t want to sound like a simp and argue, but does a whole house furnace humidifier really sit on the return air duct, which is right close to the furnace?

odd finds during renovation

What strange things have you found during renovation of a home? I bought a 70 year old farmhouse a few years ago and have been renovating it slowly. Finally got to pulling up the carpet in the upstairs hallway and a couple of the bedrooms.

In one of the bedrooms the previous owner had built an entire wall into a series of closets of varying size. It is weird. When I pulled up the carpet I found another layer of carpet. While pulling up the second layer of carpet I found out that the divider walls for the closets were built on top of it. A layer of padding under the second layer of carpet and under the padding was a layer of roll linoleum. Pulled that up to find shit brown painted hardwood.