Vegetarian Thanksgiving help!

Hey everyone, I’m on a diet for gastric bypass surgery coming up, and basically I can only have vegetables, no meat. I can have small amounts of oil, and skim/1% milk and yogurts. No cheeses, no meats, no nuts no fruits, no pastas, rices, etc. And the vegetables are limited – no potatoes, corn, peas, beans, really starchy stuff. Anyway, I’m trying to come up with some ideas for tomorrow.

I have some homegrown portobello mushrooms that I want to make something with, along with cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and squash and zucchini to work with. I was wondering if anyone had any good ‘comfort food’-y dish ideas? I’d like to do 2 or 3 things. (I’m not looking specifically for something that uses mushrooms, sprouts, cauliflower AND squash. Just some ideas for each ingredient).