HOT Sauce

Frank’s tastes like shit. I just used ground cayenne peppers.

but nothing beats the old tabasco. sometimes i drink it in my beer
^^ in your beer? the original ? i like the habanaero tobasco.
I love Frank’s on pretty much everything. I really like the way it tastes but it’s not that hot.

Bourbon v.EDU

I feel it necessary to get some FACTS out there pertaining to the delicious spirit known as Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Some people say they don’t like it but have only drunk shitty ass Jim Beam white label in high school or college! What the mother fuck?!? I’ve even heard some people refer to bourbon as "rot gut!" This hurts me deeply. May the ignorant souls who slander bourbon burn in eternal hell! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion however there are many misconceptions about America’s native spirit. I have decided to take time to re-educate the idiot masses in hopes that whoever reads this at least gains a small understanding of this drink. I don’t expect everyone to love bourbon after reading this, however you will probably be surprised about some of what you learn.