Wedding Registry v.china

Hey everybody.

Currently the fianc? and I are registering for gifts. This hasn’t been a hassel so far, until now.

We want to get a nice set of plates… china, if you will. We don’t want them to be strictly formalware. We want them to be able to be used for both everyday and for special occasions.

We’ve registered most of our gifts at Target and Linens N Things, but neither of those places had what we were looking for as far as china patterns go, nor did they have the quality of dishes that we would like to have.

Impress your girlfriend with newfound sophistication! How to brew proper tea!

According to the international tea association, the best tea is made from loose-leaves. The pot should be warmed first by rinsing it with hot water, and then the tea should be placed in the pot, and covered with water, then left to steep according to the desired strength. However, Tea that steeps more than about 5-7 minutes tends to become bitter.
I let loose leaf tea steep for over a half hour sometimes, I don’t notice any bitterness

Well first off yes, tea is bitter to start with, second, if you put crap like sugar or milk in it of course you wouldn’t notice…if not…well then you just must be uncultured.

Are harder matresses better for your back?

Thats what i heard. in china, they sleep on wood.. i never hear about back problems much in china.
You never hear about people getting dragged out of their homes by the military so they can be bulldozed and replaced with high-rises, either.

A stiff mattress is good, but only if it’s topped with foam.
Yup.. I have a memory foam mattress but I liked the firmer beds because the memory foam makes up for the stiffness of the bed.
I thought the stiffness mattered to the amount of weight on it

Any bento box users here?

They’ve captured my interest and I was just wondering…what sets them apart from regular lunch boxes and where can I get a good one in American?

Only real difference is that they have better organazation versus the just plain insulated bag.
you can get low-priced ones from korean grocery stores
^there aren’t ones around really in my town though I guess I could go into china town and look, but it’s not generally a place I enjoy going to alone.

why what do you have against foreigners?