Anybody ever heard of/use Penzey spices??

My mom sent my wife and me one of their pre packaged set when we got married. Are there any other spice companies that sell high quality stuff??
I use them almost exclusively, order from them 2-3 times a year, and have for about 10 years.

I have also ordered from

pretty much on par with penzey’s

cheaper than the grocery store, huge difference in quality

The only thing that I have changed is that I no longer buy their regular spice size glass jars, the stupid lids are brittle and break way too easily.

gonna cook for g/f this week…

i’m lookin for somethin quick 15-25 min that i can make for her

probably something chicken or salmon

any ideas?
Breaded Chicken is good and easy as hell to make. It takes awhile to bake in the oven though. If you want to go unhealthy, then I love Chicken Fried-Steak with garlic mashed potatoes and a white pan gravey. Even simpler is just putting some seasoning on the chicken, cooking in a skillet to get the outside done and then finishing in the oven (I do it at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes and check doneness witha thermometer. I got the kind I just leave stuck in the chicken and the cord comes outside and I set a temp alarm. Though some people don’t like it because they say the area around the thermometer cooks faster but it’s a small enough piece and short enough time that I’ve never seen it)

Quality knife recommendations?

My gf’s parents allowed me to stay at their place this summer so that I could live for free while working a pretty good job this summer. They love to cook..and as I gift, I was planning to purchase some high quality knives for them since that’s one thing that they don’t seem to have in their kitchen. I don’t know anything about the subject and though I’d look here for some recommendations.

I’d like a small set. Open to suggestions.
Right now I’m looking at companies such as

Recommend me a book

Looking to pick up an interesting read to look at in my spare time. I don’t have a hard time reading but I have ready _very_ few books since …. elementary school maybe. I seriously think the last book I read was one of the Harry Potter books.

I don’t have a specific genre I like, but maybe something crime related. I read a lot of non-fiction type stuff online like articles on cars, reviews, opinion based stuff etc.

I’d like to get something kind of short so that I can actually see that I’m making progress through the book.

Help me fixup my future "Man Room"

Update 5/28 – scroll down for pics

This room is going to be dedicated as a man room. Basically it’s a room where I can escape from "teh wife" and play some video games/use the computer. I’m also going to be setting up a 5.1 surround sound for playing music off my computer

It currently has wood paneling covering the bottom half of the wall and is painted YELLOW up top

I want to tear it out and just paint it one solid color, but some people are telling me if I select another color up top that it will look better.