Having a pool put in…Lots of pics 56k…you will be hosed.

Thought you guys might want to see the pics of the process so far. The yard isn’t huge so we went with a 30×18 play pool (4-5-4). It will have a waterfall, spa, and tanning ledge. The coping will be oklahoma flagstone, I don’t remember the name of the tile, but it is a natural loooking tile, and the decking will be stampcrete in the shape of flagstone. The finish on the pool will be Midnight Blue Pebble Tec.

I’m not going to post the layout pictures as they are really hard to see. The layout was sprayed in orange and the sun was bright.

Inground Pool DIY?

I was just chillin in my plain back yard today thinking how sweet it would be to have a pool, first thought that came to my mind was a good sized above ground. Only problem with that is that where I live you have to have an inground or no pool. So I started thinking, barrow my dads backhoe for a few weeks, then have my nieghbor help with the concrete work. Seems pretty simple, my neighbor owns his own buisness and he specializes in pouring concrete.

Has anyone ever done there own inground pool and how much did it cost them. I don’t see how it could cost more than 3-4k if you do the digging and the concrete yourself.

Need help: cooking with yogurt

My wife has been preparing me curry dishes. It’s pretty simple. Cook up some boneless skinless chicken breasts, drop in a half can of peas and some thinly sliced potatoes. Then you add in yogurt, the curry spices, and cayenne pepper.

NORMALLY everything works fine. Everything blends together in the yogurt and it comes out delicious.

About 30% of the time, however, the yogurt just breaks apart. You get this watery liquid with tiny white blobs floating in it. It doesn’t taste good at all and we wind up tossing it out.

Cedar Planks…

How do I clean my planks after cooking on them? I’m scared to use soap because I don’t want it to absorb into the wood grain.

When I plank salmon it’s usually one go then they go into the fire. but that’s just me, also don’t buy those expensive "planking" cedar boards, if you can find a place that sells cedar roofing you can use those and they usually sell for about a buck a piece.

Just make sure the cedar shake shingles you buy don’t have any fire retardant chemicals applied to them.

Thinking about all-clad but…

Most of my frying pans and Saute pans are non-stick. I don’t like to cook with tons of olive oil and butter. With this be a huge problem if I switch to all-clad stainless? Does pam do the trick in stainless steel?

no, you will never recreate the "non stick" with something like pam, each pan has their own purpose.

Little pick-me-up in the morning?

I’m trying to get away from my daily routine of coke in the morning to get going. Anyone have a suggestions on a better alternative? I’m not a big coffee fan but I can try it. Teas maybe?
try different coffees until you find one you like. That canned stuff is crap. Get some beans and a grinder.
Coffee is far better than soda for waking up. Not only does it have more caffeine and less sugar (which means you don’t get an insulin crash from it), but it also has all the complementary chemicals that are supposed to go along with the caffeine, so it has a better effect.

Best Rolling Tobacco

I recently got into rolling my own cigarettes. I bought an envelope of Drum, but can’t stand the smell of it. It smokes alright, but the raw material has an amazingly powerful pungent odor. I have it sitting on top of my dresser and get sick every time I get a whiff of it.

What are some good brands of rolling tobacco that don’t have too strong of an odor?
champion ruby, port tobacco

white ox…….just kidding dont touch that shit.

pretty much the first two are the best Ive had