Favorite Cookbooks

What are you favorite cookbooks? I like the “Aunt Bea’s Mayberry Cookbook”. lots of great southern recipes and funny stuff to read from the show. I also have “The Joy of Cooking” to refer to.
A book called , by the editors of Cook’s Illustrated magazine. It’s as much a food textbook as a cookbook, explaining the science and reason behind cooking methods. They test dozens of variations of each recipe and technique, and tell you what worked and why. The magazine is awesome, too.

Lobster Din din’s

Im having a lobster dinner this week, let’s have some suggestions for side dishes and other tips….. (first time cooking lobster)

twice stuffed potatoes is always good with lobsters, or potatoes au gratin even

as far as cooking lobsters, i’m a noob, but make sure you have an ice bath ready to stop the cooking
Asparagus, whipped potatoes, grilled corn on the cob.
Lobster Rolls and fries.

Not my creation above but I thought I would throw up a visual.

Turkey ideas… in here please.

Gotta cook a 20 pounder on Monday and am wondering other than traditional what unique ideas have you tried?
I usually just go with the bacon-wrapped and roasted.

But if you really want to try something different, you should check out this recipe: I haven’t made it, but it was the winner of the pro chef thanksgiving cookoff on food network, so it is probably good

Kitchen Crew i need help

ok so i am getting my girlfriend a cermaic kitchen knife but i don’t know which ones are better than others and which ones are overpriced and so forth. From what i have researched and read Kyocera seems like a good one but i also found this website which seems well priced but they may suck as knives… any help would be greatly appreciated…


Please help! v.can’tcooktosavemylife

I want to learn to cook, and I want to learn to love it. Right now, the state of affairs looks like this:

– I can make pasta (premade sauce ), rice and vegetarian stir fry. That is all. I tried meat a few times but it always comes out tough and stringy.
– I currently find cooking boring and a waste of my time, which I’m sure isn’t helping things.

I think the only reason my weight hasn’t soared is because I tend to avoid classic junk food (soda, candy bars, chips, etc) and would rather not eat than expend the effort. Obviously that last bit is some flawed thinking. I’m reasonably bright and creative in other areas, so I’m sure I can learn to cook and love it. I think I need a kick in the right direction.

Kitchen Knives v Wusthof Culinar

So anyone here have this set? I am goin to go check them out tomorrow and I’m thinkin about the 10 piece set at williams sonoma for 650 on sale, and with a free sharpener of some sort. I really like the all metal look.

My mom keeps tryin to get me to get the select etc or pro S series based on cost but I want something I enjoy even looking at to be in my kitchen for the next 5-10 years or whatever.

Anyone have an opinion?
do you actually have use for a 650 knife set? dont get me wrong, i have wusthoff knives, but a good chefs knife, a serrated knife and maybe a smaller paring knife will do 95%+ of all the jobs the average cook or even foodie might do at home

Going to "Craft" opening tonight with gf

The owner/chef is Tom Colicchio the host of "Top Chef". The reason we get to go is that my gf’s friend got a job and is allowed to invite 2 friends/family to eat for free on opening night. Anything I should do/try for the big event?

What did you think? I have been to Gramercy Tavern back in the day and was impressed.

Best article on cooking steak that I’ve seen in a while

This is well worth the read. I used to be a grill cook at a top restaurant in Ann Arbor and now I feel like an amateur compared to the guys in the back of the house of Morton’s and Peter Luger.

Here’s the original article if you have a WSJ online sub:

The Search for the Perfect Steak

So… who is adventerous enough to eat Marrow?


If you’re a slow food kind of person, you should read this book.

From Publishers Weekly
In this expansive tome, food stylist and writer McLagan offers an alternative to the rubbery chicken breasts and fish filets now standard in Western cookery. By eliminating bones (and fat) from our diet, McLagan passionately argues, we’ve traded flavor for health and efficiency. Indeed, her book operates on the premise that the pleasure of gnawing on a lamb chop cannot be underestimated. More than a cookbook, this is a compendium of folklore, literary quotes and historical facts that refer to bones’ significance across cultures from ancient times to today. There are chapters on beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fish and game, each with an introductory section explaining anatomy and recommended cooking temperatures. Sidebars offer suggestions for carving, using unlikely parts, and recovering endangered bone-cooking arts like "spatchcocking," or removing the wishbone from a bird. McLagan’s recipes range from arcane (Lancashire Hot Pot, which traditionally consists of a deep dish of stew covered with a potato crust, and long lamb bones piercing through the topping) to contemporary continental (Osso Bucco with Fennel and Blood Orange Sauce). While some recipes are time-consuming, McLagan’s instructions are generally clear and precise. With its emphasis on tradition and technique, this work won’t appeal to the 20-minute chef, but it will be a welcome addition to the slow-food aficionado’s library. Photos. (Nov.)

Today I tried her Roasted Marrow Bones recipe with a parsley, basil, garlic, salt, and bread crumb topping. So good.

Quality knife recommendations?

My gf’s parents allowed me to stay at their place this summer so that I could live for free while working a pretty good job this summer. They love to cook..and as I gift, I was planning to purchase some high quality knives for them since that’s one thing that they don’t seem to have in their kitchen. I don’t know anything about the subject and though I’d look here for some recommendations.

I’d like a small set. Open to suggestions.
Right now I’m looking at companies such as