Help me

choose my floors.

I’m going to be putting in Acid Sain floors soon and frankly I just can’t seem to make up my mind. I’m going to be redoing the whole house paint around the floor colors so the only thing that really matters is that I have black granite counters and oak cabinets. Everything else will be changed.

Here are the options that I like so far. Some of them are a little over the top, so I’d do a scaled down version if i ended up going with that.
Pics of the room where you plan on installing the floors?

School Shooting paper, suggestions?

I’m doing a scary story for my Creative Writing class, and I didn’t want to do the typical zombie / killer ex-girlfriend story. I wanted to do a paper people can RELATE to. Something they can put themselves in line with and actually imagine happening to them. Soo I did it on a school shooting. Keep in mind this isn’t like venting or anything, and it’s purely fictional. I’m looking for improvement suggestions.


Where to fine a decent corner desk?

Didn’t realize these are so rare. I am looking for a decent quality corner desk for my office/second bedroom. Don’t want anything cheap thats going to fall apart, but not not top-of-the-line either. Maybe in the $500 price range. I am finding lots of small desks, huge workstations, office cubicle type things, but nothing I like.

The closest I’ve found if made by Bush.

The size and dimensions of it would work where I want to put it. I like that the keyboard pullout shelf thing is facing the corner. I like that it has several drawers and storage areas. I actually like everything about it except its cheap build quality. It feels as if it would start to fall apart and get scratched up very easily. But, I’ve been looking for a while and this is the closest I’m finding and am almost ready to settle for this just because I can’t find anything else.

What would you call this chair?

I’m looking for something like this but I’m not really sure what you would call it. Like a club or lounge chair or just a single chair? I found it on a furniture store site but they just use the collection names. Thanks


Thanks, thats what I was thinking but I wasn’t coming up with as many as I thought I would.
I’ve always called them "Chair and a half."

Turning a closet into a humidor?

Recently the wife and I just converted a den/office/bedroom into a formal dining room at the front of the house. Project included laminate flooring, new furniture, crown molding, and chair rail.

Also in this room is a closet – roughly 2 ft deep, 5 ft or so wide. Presently has accordian doors.

My overall goal would be to turn this closet into a humidor and wine cellar, with some recessed lighting and a frosted door.

What do you guys think? Any links? Any resources? This would be completely new to me. I would need to refinish the closet with whichever wood is required (Spanish Cedar?), and worry about HVAC or some way of maintaining a temperture suitable for both cigars and wine..

Help me fixup my future "Man Room"

Update 5/28 – scroll down for pics

This room is going to be dedicated as a man room. Basically it’s a room where I can escape from "teh wife" and play some video games/use the computer. I’m also going to be setting up a 5.1 surround sound for playing music off my computer

It currently has wood paneling covering the bottom half of the wall and is painted YELLOW up top

I want to tear it out and just paint it one solid color, but some people are telling me if I select another color up top that it will look better.

wallpaper removal

In my dining room there is a ~6inch strip of wallpaper separating the top and bottom half of the wall. I’d like to have it removed so I can repaint it all a solid color. I’ve been researching wallpaper removal but I do not know what this "feature" is called. Does it matter or do I just use regular wallpaper removal techniques?

hair dryer?

this isn’t because i have experience in wall paper removal but hair dryers usually heat up adhesives in things like that and it should come off easy.


Well Doug came up Saturday. I took him to go see ET. He was more excited than any kid in that theater J. I had a bottle of Pepsi and a half bag of the family size crispy M&M’s so I was really hyper afterwards. Then I brought him to Pebbles to look for pants.

I couldn’t find Micki’s house because I brought the invitation with the address on it in the car to the movies, my dad brought it back in the house with the mail after he dropped us off at the movies. So we had to find it trying to remember the number. Also it was at 7 at night and it was too dark to see the numbers anyways. We finally did find it. There weren’t as many people as I expected to be there. A lot more were invited. Doug was a little drunk. Dee and Eric were there, actually I thought she was going to be a no-show due to her fear of drugs, don’t ask. Micki’s boyfriend Lefty striped and Micki ran out of the bedroom only wearing a bed sheet, we all know what they were doing in there J. Lefty was talking about vampires and blood brothers with Doug. He wanted to give Doug a necklace that gave him the power to left up cars and he telepathic with him. I think Lefty was just a little drunk J.

Well Dee and Eric only stayed for like an hour. It was pretty pathetic though. They just sat there in the chair for most of the time. I don’t want to sound excessively defensive like but I remember one part of the night when Doug and I were sitting on the couch and Doug was sitting normally and I was sitting toward him with my legs around him. A few minutes later I heard “I want to sit like this” from her, which happened to be the way Doug and I were sitting. I didn’t really think much of it at the time but the whole time with them seemed like a show of some sort. Other things that got me was like when Doug and I were the floor doing stretches (butterfly, bridge, split, etc., I don’t know the actual name for it), I was doing one and she says, “I can do that.” I ignored her but I believe she is trying to like show-off Eric in some way or another. It’s really ridicules and I’m not the only one noticed it, Doug did too, so I’m not going insane. It’s hard to explain.

We went to Ellie’s today. She got me a soft teddy bear that says “sweet dreams” on it and some candy for Easter. Doug also got candy.

I guess it was Eric’s Birthday yesterday, Dee didn’t buy him anything, just made him a cake. Cakes don’t last forever. I guess he turned 20; BP doesn’t let anyone over 19 to go to there dances. But she will probably get away with it bringing him the Prom anyways.

Speaking of Prom, I have to go get the rest of my stuff for Prom soon and take Doug to get fitted for his Tuxes. I only bought the dress and shoes so far and I only have like a month left.

I got to keep Doug’s sweater for the week. I see him again Saturday or Sunday because I am going to school with him next Monday.

If you have a sore throat for over 24 hours, you are sick.