Book trade?

I’ve got a bunch of books that I’ve read and all sitting around. Is anybody interested in trading books in bulk? Maybe like 5 books at a time or something between members (to cut down on shipping costs)
what kind of books do you have, I tend to read things along the lines of steven king, dean koontz, or else the true crime type of thing.


I have 15 free books to get from BookMooch

what should I get?

So far this summer I’ve read/received from BookMooch:
-Survivor (Chuck P)
-The Moviegoer (Percy)
-Steppenwolf (Hesse)
-Slaughterhouse 5
-Cat’s Cradle
-Crime and Punishment
-Ulysses (Joyce)
-A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
-The Stranger
-Clockwork Orange

Anybody have suggestions along those lines? I’ve been looking at the list of greatest literature ever, and trying to read the entire list

Book Reviews and Recommendations

I figured that I would start writing brief summaries/reviews on some of the books that I read in order that other people may find literature that interests them. I am not that well read, but I have been reading significant amounts as of late. Try and spare me criticism, especially since taste is obviously a personal matter. I will try and contribute reviews of books as I read them and go back to books I have already read, but it is all dependent upon time. Some will likely be longer than others. Feel free to contribute any thoughts on books or recommendations of books for me to read.