Ahhh! Carpenter Bees – My pest control guide.

My brother had a pretty bad carpenter bee infestation at his house in north florida. I wrote up a little guide based upon our experience and research.

Stop these pests before they tear apart all the wood on the exterior of your house.

WD-40 up the hole + lighter = flaming bee falling out of hole

funny every time

A lot of fun things might set the house on fire. I am a bold sportsman.

odd finds during renovation

What strange things have you found during renovation of a home? I bought a 70 year old farmhouse a few years ago and have been renovating it slowly. Finally got to pulling up the carpet in the upstairs hallway and a couple of the bedrooms.

In one of the bedrooms the previous owner had built an entire wall into a series of closets of varying size. It is weird. When I pulled up the carpet I found another layer of carpet. While pulling up the second layer of carpet I found out that the divider walls for the closets were built on top of it. A layer of padding under the second layer of carpet and under the padding was a layer of roll linoleum. Pulled that up to find shit brown painted hardwood.

Bees/hornets/wasps problem.

OK, i’ve heard of people calling in bee keepers/farmers and end up actually making money from having them remove bees/wasps and stuff. So I left a message on the local guy’s phone.

But in the meantime, anybody got any ideas? I know blocking up the hole is dumb (its burrowed in the wall right above the garage door) because they will just burrow in deeper until they get into the house. I don’t want to fuck with poison just yet. I think I may purchase a bug zapper and hook it up near the nest at night.