Building a shed / garage – Anyone have a suggestion for plans?

Im trying to track down some free plans online for a shed as well as a 1 car garage. Anyone happen to know of such as site?
doesn’t your local home building supply have free plans?
You can buy a full shed alread made or pre fab from most stores, minus the foundation
prebuilt sheds are garbage dude, go to home depot or lowes and look at their prebuilt sheds on display,they suck!! theres just enough wood to hold it together, only 2 or three rafters on a ten foot wall. i spent $460.00 on lumber to build an 8×10 shed. i picked up a good used metal door,brand new window, and new shingles out of my local trading post for $75.00. my whole floor and floor beams are treated wood. all my beams are 20 inches apart except the floor is 16. i looked at a prebuilt at lowes the same size and it was $838.00. total mine was about $200.00 cheaper and much, much, stronger. had a better window and door.if you can built it your self you will be much happier in the end

so, you want to epoxy your garage floor, eh? Look inside.

I did this a year ago. Turned out great. A few tips.

– I used the Rustoleum brand. The "2 car garage" box was enough for my 2-car garage. Amazing, eh? I even put it on relatively thick.

– make sure you can’t see concrete after you roll it. you should only need one coat.

– BE EASY ON THE CONFETTI. YOU WILL RUN OUT BEFORE YOU COVER THE WHOLE FLOOR. I had to go up to Home Depot and bribe them out of another bag of the stuff. I don’t suggest that. It comes with 2 bags, and that should be enough. I put too much on.

garage flooring

so me and the wife decided to upgrade from our condo to a house with a 1 car garage…as a car nut who will probally spend most days in there…this is like a dream come true (I wish it was a triple, but I’ll take the single )…anyways the garage floor is asphalt right now…I know there’s the simple black coating you can do, but I’ve seen my dad use it, and it didn’t hold up too well to my abuse

is there anything heavy duty that can be used to coat it? I’ve seen some of the stuff in other posts for concreat, so something of that nature…but it has to be oil resistant…proof if possible