Cocktail books, would (have) you buy one?

I’m trying to figure out who buys a cocktail/bartending book. I know that many sell each year but I can’t figure out who is buying them.

Does a cocktail book that has a large variety of soda-pop cocktails sound appealing to anyone?
I have one. And use it quite a bit.

Makes deciding what to make, with what youve got in the house, much easier.

Also, for people that typically stick to a certain type of hard alcohol (I pretty much always stick to vodka), it gives you a slew of difference drink recipes. It would take me a week of googling just to collect all of the recipes this book has for vodka drinks

Let’s attempt to List Every Book You’ve EVER Read

I think it would be cool to have a thread where we list books we’ve read, and as we remember them we can come back and edit our list. We can also help each other figure out the names of books if we just remember the story, and use each others list to help remember. Anyways I’m going to start my own list, I’m sure it will take a while to remember most of them. If you participate you should keep your list in one post, and use other posts for discussion and such.
Unsorted Brainstorming

Mixed Drinks, Help!

So my new girlfriend likes mixed alcoholic drinks. What are some good ones that have a "tropical or fruity" flavor? She doesn’t like rum either..Suggestions please?
what kinda liquor does she like?

i thought most "fruity" drinks were made with rum
The flavored Absoluts, like Kurant or Citron, are pretty good with sodas or flavored water.
Margarita, Frozen Daquiri, Fuzzy Navel, Cosmopolitan…….
what does "doesn’t like rum" mean? Is it the taste, because rum mixed drinks certainly don’t taste like rum. However, if she’s allergic, that’s a suitable answer. Otherwise she’s talking out her ass My wife doesn’t like the taste of rum either, but she likes rum mixed drinks fine.

Hard "Apple Cider"

Apple Cider is in quotations because apple cider wasn’t used, but that’s what we called whatever I was having at the get together I was at last night (tacky holiday sweaters included).

From what I could tell, and see it was:
Bottle of apple juice
Some Captain Morgans
Little bit of Maker’s Mark
Some type of spice was added as well.
And some lemon slices were floating in the mixture of stuff.

All of this was heated in a small crock pot so it was warm.

Home Bar, what am I missing?

Currently I have the following stocked…
Beefeater Gin
Tanqueray Gin
Bombay Saphire Gin
Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey
Jack Daniels No. 7 Whiskey
Crown Royal Candian Whiskey
Jameson Irish Whiskey
Belvedere Vodka
Sky Vodka
Absolute Vodka
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
Bacardi Superior Rum
Jose Cuervo Tequila
Baileys Irish Creme
Kahlua Liqueur

What am I missing to have a have a "well stocked" bar? I know their are a bunch of Liqueurs I’m missing, but some I would probally never use so I don’t want to waste money on it. Any one have any suggestions?

What Are You Reading??? v.New

I just finished The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway
I just picked up for whom the bell tolls
I also wanted to get Haunted by that fight club guy
The Sun Also Rises was great.

Just finished Haunted. I only found it mediocore. Maybe I was expecting too much. Some of the short stories were really well done, but the overall connecting story did nothing for me.

Rereading Huxley’s Brave New World at the moment.
Boy’s Life by Robert R. McCammon