My project (lots of pics)

Step 1: Buy house.

Step 2: Get annoyed with quality of basement finish.

Step 3: Gut it

Step 4: Go from Colorado to Florida for work for 2 weeks. Have a problem with furnace and get whole house to freeze. Have 4 pipes burst and get to come back and fix the problem. Luckily my house didn’t flood. In these pics, you can see where the piping originally ran along the front edge of the house where it can get freeze the easiest. Since it burst there anyways, I rerouted the piping straight into the middle of the house then over to the center so there was minimum piping along the front.

redoing my basement…need feedback/advice

just moved to a new house…1/2 of the basement is not used…father in law who really knows his shit is at my disposal (those who remember my tiling thread, he’s the man who was in charge), and we’ve decided we’re totally redo the basement..

keeping in mind we’re in cold weather, but here’s what we’re talking about doing

for the walls, take down everything here now, keeping the structural stuff obviously, and insulate the walls in the following:
-concrete paint that prevents moisture, he mentioned it, never heard of it, will look into it

Basement Finishing – Questions

Hey there,

Anyone feel like answering this question.

I have an unfinished basement that I need to put a subfloor down on. The basement is concrete slab right now, and while there are load bearing walls, there is no framing currently up for the interior walls.

I intend to put 1" rigid foam covered by 5/8 plywood overtop, tapcon screwed into the floor (a la Mike Holmes), but am unsure whether I should first frame my walls (and get them sprayfoamed) or if I should put down the floor, and then frame up my walls on top of the subfloor.

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