Extending wires/cables

OK I decided to open my wall cutout for our tv, well found out there isn’t enough slack in some cables to do this as is, what are my best options here? The cables are for: cable tv, cat3, and speaker cables.

Extending should occur at the end of the cable, not the middle. However, the more connectors you put in the line, the lower the signal quality will be (this might not be a big deal for just adding one connector, but it’s something to think about if you plan a larger job later).

Adding CAT5 cables to each room?

I noticed a lot of 2002+ built houses have this built in, but I am buying an older town house and was wondering if its possible to pay someone to add some sort of network connections to rooms without draggin the wire accross the floor, id rather it be like CABLE tv how that is set up.

Many new home do offer this as an option and if you are lucky they will also include it. The good thing though is that phone line are now run on cat5/cat6 systems. This is good because you can use the extra pairs to tap in for the internet then usually you will not have wire the extra cat5.

Good Eats fans

Are there a lot of Good Eats fans on OT? I keep stumbling on people repeating Alton Brown in various cooking threads. I’m a huge fan because I find it is the only show that teaches you how to cook instead of just giving you a recipe.

What things have you picked up from the show? I’ve certainly become a fan of cast iron cookware after watching the show. I’ve made some awesome fried hamburgers which is a savior since my condo complex doesn’t allow us to have grills or open flames on our balconies.