Whats the type of cut of steak and where to buy?

What are the best cuts of steak? And where are the best places to order it online?
I like Ribeye which is a Chuck – Blade cut.

I would never buy meat without seeing and smelling it first.
Rib Eye is my favorite also. The ones they sell at the grocery store are most of the time "Select" grade steaks or some times you will get "Choice." "Prime" is the highest grade steak and this is what you get at most of the high end steak houses. Many of the large chain steakhouses carry "Choice" steak. Rib Eye is great because it has high marbalization (fat) in the meat that make it more flavorful IMO. Check this out.

Where do you buy your veal/rabbit/mutton etc…?

I can’t seem to find grocers (local or chain) that sell anything other than chicken/beef/pork and it’s getting frustrating … Wild Oats used to carry veal but stopped selling it when the hippies complained. I tried using citysearch/google to look for local butchers but usually ended up getting slaughterhouses or restaurants …. I don’t know what else to look for

edit: Maybe farmers markets?
You may have to find a way to order it. A lot of the nicer restaurants end up having to do the same thing.

Best article on cooking steak that I’ve seen in a while

This is well worth the read. I used to be a grill cook at a top restaurant in Ann Arbor and now I feel like an amateur compared to the guys in the back of the house of Morton’s and Peter Luger.

Here’s the original article if you have a WSJ online sub:

The Search for the Perfect Steak

shish kabob recipes?

Anyone have a good one? My brother makes some mean kabobs but he said not to let them marinate more than 5 hours with his recipe because the onions will soak into the meat too much. I wanted to prep them on Friday afternoon before leaving for a canoe trip and then cook them Saturday at the camp site so I don’t have to spend time prepping them there, and that’s a lot more than 5 hours of marinating.

In case anyone wants to try his recipe, it’s super simple. Fill bowl with vinegar and toss the cubed meat in. You don’t have to let it soak in long. Take meat out and layer it in a pot then salt and pepper. Take fresh onion rings and squeeze the juice out on the meat then lay the rings on the meat. Make next layer of meat and repeat salt, pepper, onions. Marinate for a couple hours and cook.

Where to buy standing rib roast? Recipes appreciated as well.

It’s a little far ahead, but my sister and I were talking about Christmas dinner and I brought up the idea of possibly making prime rib.

Now the supermarkets around me don’t really sell a big rack like they serve at nice prime rib restaurants, where can I go to buy a whole rack? Also, how much are we talking about for 7 (which I think is the most?) ribs?

Also, have any of you prepared it before? What are some things we should know, tips, etc.

bone in prime rib? its good for presentation but its a lot easier to make a boneless prime rib imho (which has a different name, beef ribeye. same cut but without the bone). try your local meat markets for that kind of specialty cut. even the supermarkets might have it if you inquire at the meat departments. and if they dont have it, they can get it.

Recommend me a book

Looking to pick up an interesting read to look at in my spare time. I don’t have a hard time reading but I have ready _very_ few books since …. elementary school maybe. I seriously think the last book I read was one of the Harry Potter books.

I don’t have a specific genre I like, but maybe something crime related. I read a lot of non-fiction type stuff online like articles on cars, reviews, opinion based stuff etc.

I’d like to get something kind of short so that I can actually see that I’m making progress through the book.

good recipe for brisket?

somehow got a deal at the grocery store today when asking the butcher for a whole one. PE and I are pretty open when it comes to flavor profiles.

ingredient #1: a big smoker
ingredient #2: charcoal
ingredient #3: hardwood

light charcoal, pput charcoal in smoker, put smoked wood on top, put brisket in, leave for 14 hours, eat

ingredient #1: a big smoker
Mail Order Steaks

Anyone here order steaks through the mail?

I always thought it was a little odd and couldn’t be that goood, but while visiting my brother he grilled up some filets that he had ordered from Kansas City Steaks. (He said he had also tried Omaha steakes, but the Kansas City filets were better.) Anyway, they were amazing. Better than I’ve had from most restaurants. I’d say on par with Ruth’s Chris. What’s really cool is they are flash frozen and individually packaged so they can be stored in the freezer without risk of any ill effects. This way you also don’t have to find a good butcher and then drive over every time you feel like grilling up a steak.

What Are You Reading??? v.New

I just finished The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway
I just picked up for whom the bell tolls
I also wanted to get Haunted by that fight club guy
The Sun Also Rises was great.

Just finished Haunted. I only found it mediocore. Maybe I was expecting too much. Some of the short stories were really well done, but the overall connecting story did nothing for me.

Rereading Huxley’s Brave New World at the moment.
Boy’s Life by Robert R. McCammon