Impress your girlfriend with newfound sophistication! How to brew proper tea!

According to the international tea association, the best tea is made from loose-leaves. The pot should be warmed first by rinsing it with hot water, and then the tea should be placed in the pot, and covered with water, then left to steep according to the desired strength. However, Tea that steeps more than about 5-7 minutes tends to become bitter.
I let loose leaf tea steep for over a half hour sometimes, I don’t notice any bitterness

Well first off yes, tea is bitter to start with, second, if you put crap like sugar or milk in it of course you wouldn’t notice…if not…well then you just must be uncultured.

A/C locks?

So apparently the hot thing in the local neighborhoods is stealing the freon out of A/C units (townhomes with low fences, easy targets). they sent out an email saying that for $80 (parts + labor) someone could come install locks on the A/C units to keep the freon from being stolen.

has anyone had experience with these locks? how much do they cost? if its a decent amount less i’d like to do it myself and possibly go around doing it for everyone that wants it for just a few bucks.
They’re not stealing the freon. They’re stealing the copper and getting cash for it as scrap. Big cash. There’s a lot of copper tubing in an AC compressor.