Having trouble removing cake from pan, suggestions?

So I decided to try to make a Boston cream pie today after a few successes with other cakes this week (I just started cooking desserts from scratch last Sunday). I followed the recipe’s directions for a "Dinette cake" almost perfectly, greasing (sprayed with PAM) and flowering the pan, cooking for the right amount of time, etc. However, when I attempted to remove it from the pan (9" round), the middle of the bottom of the cake ripped off. Is there some trick to removing a cake from its pan that I should know? Should I have used something other than PAM to grease the pan? Thanks in advance

Cocktail books, would (have) you buy one?

I’m trying to figure out who buys a cocktail/bartending book. I know that many sell each year but I can’t figure out who is buying them.

Does a cocktail book that has a large variety of soda-pop cocktails sound appealing to anyone?
I have one. And use it quite a bit.

Makes deciding what to make, with what youve got in the house, much easier.

Also, for people that typically stick to a certain type of hard alcohol (I pretty much always stick to vodka), it gives you a slew of difference drink recipes. It would take me a week of googling just to collect all of the recipes this book has for vodka drinks

Best article on cooking steak that I’ve seen in a while

This is well worth the read. I used to be a grill cook at a top restaurant in Ann Arbor and now I feel like an amateur compared to the guys in the back of the house of Morton’s and Peter Luger.

Here’s the original article if you have a WSJ online sub:

The Search for the Perfect Steak

Any bento box users here?

They’ve captured my interest and I was just wondering…what sets them apart from regular lunch boxes and where can I get a good one in American?

Only real difference is that they have better organazation versus the just plain insulated bag.
you can get low-priced ones from korean grocery stores
^there aren’t ones around really in my town though I guess I could go into china town and look, but it’s not generally a place I enjoy going to alone.

why what do you have against foreigners?