Buying First Townhouse

Its in SFL. 3/2.5/1 Live with fam. dont have a piece of furniture or any electronics besides a laptop & TV

Name places to get nice furniture – kinda cheap (NOT USED)
dishes, electronics, etc.

I need to furnish the entire place !
Don’t really know what’s in your area man.

A lot of people like IKEA.. The RoomStore isn’t too bad but it’s not exactly cheap cheap, but you can get coupon if you’re on their mailing list.
Buy what you need, don’t rush into anything especially furniture. Don’t go buy a bunch of pots and pans and dish ware that will just sit in your cabinets.

Sprouting in Ball jars

So I don’t want to spend the exhorbent fee for shipping the wide mouth ball jars when I can get the regular ones at Big Lots for 5 bucks.

BUT I can’t get a lid for the regular sized ones and need to make a filter top that will let air and water in for sprouting grains.

Any ideas? I’ve tried just paper towels but that doesn’t seem to work too well 😛 just clogs. Cheese cloth I would imagine would do the same. gauze?
Cheese cloth is usually pretty loose woven. I’d try that.