Please help! v.can’tcooktosavemylife

I want to learn to cook, and I want to learn to love it. Right now, the state of affairs looks like this:

– I can make pasta (premade sauce ), rice and vegetarian stir fry. That is all. I tried meat a few times but it always comes out tough and stringy.
– I currently find cooking boring and a waste of my time, which I’m sure isn’t helping things.

I think the only reason my weight hasn’t soared is because I tend to avoid classic junk food (soda, candy bars, chips, etc) and would rather not eat than expend the effort. Obviously that last bit is some flawed thinking. I’m reasonably bright and creative in other areas, so I’m sure I can learn to cook and love it. I think I need a kick in the right direction.

Does anyone have a good bran muffin recipe?

I’ll check Betty Crocker and Alton Brown’s books tonight.
Thank you! I have none of those books I used to hang out with a few people in MLT in high school
Okay, Alton says :
"If you’ve read my Gear book, you’ve seen a earlier version of this recipe. I liked it then, but I like it more now…hey, that’s how it is with recipes. Sure, some stay the same, but more often than not they evolve. Oh, and you’ll no doubt notice that although these are muffins, they’re not included in the Muffin Method section. That’s because these devices possess a texture more like a cake. So while Carrot Cake is a muffin, Bran muffins are cakes.