New Fridge water line vs. dishwasher (& counter gap)

I’m having a new fridge delivered from Best Buy on the 23rd in my new house. Problem is, I have a copper water line that was left by the previous owner, and Best Buy says that the installation people won’t install to a copper water line. So, I’m going to replace it with a plastic line.

The thing is, the line runs behind the dishwasher. This dishwasher was what looks like a "home grown" install. It looks like it’s directly sitting on the subfloor, and sits about 1.5 inches below the nice, expensive tile floor in front of it. It has cutouts where the feet sit.

Anyone still homebrew?

I just bottled a six malt amber and am working on my own amber ale using some rye grains.
I do.

I have a wheat that I am going to be bottling in the next couple of days. I was actually just thinking about what to buy next.
I have a vanilla porter in primary right now(boiled on thursday) and I have an amber that’s bottle conditioning.

I’m gonna get a kolsch going in about a week for a lawnmower beer, followed by a citrusweizen, and another go-round of american red.