1st time homebuyer, forclosure?

So my man and I are going to buy a house in the spring. We’ve just started looking. I found a house listed as a forclosure not far from our apartments, owned by the bank. Is listed at 109K, appraised for 224K. 3500 sqft. I’m keeping an eye on it right now for the spring.

Does anyone have some good, legit resources for learning about forclosures? Any stories, good or bad, from your own experiences? Anything I should look out for especially?
If it’s that good of a deal, it’s going to be gone by spring. 1 of two things is going to happen. 1. it’s a pile of shit inside and needs 100K in work. or 2. it’s actually a good deal and you need to jump on it.


I could use a little advice shopping for washers/dryers.

What is the advantage of a front-load washer over a top-load?

What should I be looking for when I purchase a washer/dryer?

I want to keep it under $2500 for sure but I think I can get a great combo for $2000 or less. Gas Dryer.


That with matching dryer would be < $2500. Can I get an equally great combo for less?

Pedestal do anything other than raise the height of the unit? They’re going in my unfinished basement anyhow (I’d get white ones to save money) and considering I run a construction company I can have my welder build me a pedestal for nothing if I really want them raised.

I want these people out of my house

I seem to have bad luck with roommates.

I own my own home, and I am a single person. 20 months ago, I decided I wanted to share my house with a roommate who will pay me rent and split bills so I could have more financial flexibility. I would charge him $400 per month and split the bills 2 ways. But, at the same time, my coworker / friend broke up with his girlfriend and needed a place to stay – quick. Its a 3 bedroom house, so I had room for him and told him he could stay rent-free for a couple of weeks before he moves on. So the agreement was that the first roommate gets a $25 discount off of his $400 rent for putting up with another roommate and he only pays 1/3 of the bills instead of 1/2. My coworker is to pay his 1/3.

Wine Recomendations

My favorite under $15 wine recomendation:
Estanice Cabernet Sauvingnon
Average Price $12 in VA. Available in most wine retailers
Tasting Notes:
Every year its a consistantly good bottle of wine. I have never had a bad vintage. It will easilly age for 10 years, however is always drinkable now.