What’s your favorite quote/passage/blurb from a novel/story/poem/whatever?

"She upset Billy simply by being his mother. She made him feel embarrassed and ungrateful and weak because she had gone to so much trouble to give him life, and to keep that life going, and Billy didn’t really like life at all."

-Kurt Vonnegut (rip ), Slaughterhouse Five

Though maybe not one of his more mind-blowing thoughts, I thought it expressed really well how some of us can feel when our parents care more about our well-being than we do ourselves. He wrote it so simply but brilliantly as he so often does.

Messy ass house

I can’t seem to keep my house straight. Its not dirty (trash, moldy shit, pizza boxes) Its just so dam cluttered . Its a 2k sq ft house; me, wife ,2 dogs and a 4 year old.

Any suggestion on how to organize your house?
buy a AV
get respect
ask for advice
start throwing shit away. I also like the 1-year box shit, where you box clutter up, and if you don’t touch it for a year you drop it off at some charity or trash it.
Definitely agree with that. We’re in the process of moving, and it’s amazing how much clutter we had in a 1,000 square foot single bedroom apartment. I threw out a whole bunch of shit that we hadn’t used in a while. It makes more of a difference than anything else you can do.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy! What order?

I’ve never seen any of the movies or read any of the books. Which order do they go in? Does it start with "The Hobbit"?
The Hobbit
Fellowship of the rings
Two Towers
Return of the King.
Just an FYI, the Hobbit has not been made into a movie yet.


Cat toys.

I’m sure anybody who has a cat knows that they can be ridiculously picky about the toys they like — buy them a $5 toy from PetSmart and they play with the plastic wrapper, and so on. I’ve found one toy, though, that has never failed to keep my kitties amused, and you can make it yourself.

Take two pre-made gift bows, peel off the wax paper covering the sticky pads, and stick them together. Crinkle it a little bit to get your cat’s attention, then chuck it down the hall. My cats go absolutely fucking berserk over these things, and they cost me maybe 25c apiece. Strangely, the pre-made crinkly balls don’t do a thing for them; I think it’s because the gift bows I use have loops of material, which gives them something to hook a claw into and send it flying in unpredictable directions.

Cedar Planks…

How do I clean my planks after cooking on them? I’m scared to use soap because I don’t want it to absorb into the wood grain.

When I plank salmon it’s usually one go then they go into the fire. but that’s just me, also don’t buy those expensive "planking" cedar boards, if you can find a place that sells cedar roofing you can use those and they usually sell for about a buck a piece.

Just make sure the cedar shake shingles you buy don’t have any fire retardant chemicals applied to them.

So like, do I gewt to be a mod?

Just participate and help, etc [insert normal how to become a mod speech] and you’ll become a mod.

The sci-fi/fantasy forum was my idea and I didn’t get to be a mod.

This is a good idea too, though. I like it.
So do we get to fight over which forum gets threads like "Starship Troopers: Book vs. Movie?"