SWEET NEW WHEELS: another bikeforum cross post by me

haha, got my new wheels finished up today. extremely excited to go ride them tomorrow (its going to be nice this weekend)
Brown King Hubs; Black DT1.1RR; DT Comp Spokes
bike weighs 17.71lbs as it sits in said photo (sans bag)

ooh that looks sweet.

yeah i’m getting excited to ride in pseudo spring weather

Not bad. I love riding new wheels.
I get so excited at race weekends because I get to put the Reynolds DV46’s on the bike. Damn, I can’t wait for sunday…

27 miles on them this morning…so far so sweet.
they were super stiff, rolled extremely confidently. im extremely happy.


Good looking Cannondale too. Took mine out for a 34.6 mile ride late this afternoon/early evening. The wind sucked but when it is 72 in February, I’m riding, dammit.

No new wheels to brag about, still have the Mavic Open Pro rebuilds from last year. Not many options for an older bike with 126 mm hub spacing.

you’re not riding trials so its not an issue but kings have a bed in time of a few hundred kms, take it easy on the rear at first and it will love you long time without issues.