Some snapshots of my new already dirty bike Ver. S-works.

Never got around to photographing it before I rode it…. still only been on one outdoor ride and it rained most of the time (and it was cold and I got the sniffles).

Not everything on the bike is set up completely correctly yet. I want to do a few more outdoor rides before I finish the fitting process with my coach.

When building this bike I wanted to start with the best frame I could, get aerodynamics as good as I could afford, rotational mass down 2nd, and translating mass down 3rd. I paid $4320 out the door after Cost+13% pricing, tax, and got 12 months 0% financing.

Component list:

S-works frame
Comes with:
S-works brakes
XL zero offset seat post
S works stem (maybe 110 mm, I’ve forgotten)

DA pedals (wanted older Ultegra because they’re a lot cheaper at virtually no performance difference, but didn’t feel like waiting)
Ultegra chain
Ultegra 11-something rear cassette
DA shifters
Profile Cobra aero clipons (same ones on my road bike, not my initial choice, but they were available in-store and I needed them high up in the air anyway)
Profile Cobra base bar
Profile carbon brake levers (they didn’t have the alloy version in store, but they were cheap enough anyway)
Tri-tip 40mm black Ti rails seat

Zipp 808 front and rear tubular (or maybe 404 front, we’ll see what I can get). Eventually I’ll get a disk and 808 front if I have the 404 front.
S-Works water bottle and cage for the transition frame
Team Decals
Edge 705 mount (haven’t found a place to put it
Bag to store emergency crap

I’ll be racing this bike in ~10 triathlons next season and plan on winning lots of races.

Is that your rear brake down near your bottom bracket?

Nice tri bike, I have an Aloha myself.

Great looking bike, a teammate of mine has the exact same bike and LOVES it.

That saddle looks like a Specialized TriTip, which I have an love too.

sweet jesus thats bad ass!. how much does she weigh?

Daddy wants…Daddy wants realllllllly bad.

i put one of those together at our shop last season. took it out for a ride and couldnt believe how flimsly it was lol. still a super sick bikee

I guess it’s OK.

Mine has felt nice and solid. I was surprised I was actually able to notice better power transfer on this bike than on my Blue RC5-AL road bike. You mash the pedals and it just… goes… Of course some of that sensation is from slightly less rotational mass, but it feels super stiff to me. I chose this frame based on the recommendations from multiple people praising the stiffness of the frame, especially the S-works.

Since these pictures were taken I’ve (well… my coach) widened the aero bars, added an aero drink holder, found a way to mount my 705, added team decals, and bike shop decals.

Some people hate a bike covered in decals… I don’t really mind it. I had the owner of the bike shop see what he could "get from zipp" on a set of race wheels. Hate to drop the cash, but it would be stupid to have a bike like this with no race wheels.

Not really sure… it’s not a featherweight for sure. I didn’t go for the lightest components possible, plus when I do weigh it, I’m going to weigh it with all the crap attached to it that I will be using on race day.

I still have about 8 or 9 pounds to lose off my body first (if it’s even possible).

There’s always HED if you want fast, more reasonably priced wheels and Zipp doesn’t come through.

i mistakenly bought a set of hed deep dish rims for my mtb years ago. while they seemed to be faster when i riding the roads, they were too heavy for xc.

well it’s not HED’s fault you bought aero wheels for a mountain bike


I put knobbies on mt road bike last year. While they were good for offroad, my road racing suffered.