So I’m starting a running club at my shool. v.Any suggestions/how should I set it up

So a friend and I are planning on starting a running club at University of Houston and this is my first time organizing anything like this…. I was wondering if you guys can give some insight on how I should organize this. Also give me any potential ideas and etc. on how to make it successful and fun for everyone.

So far this was what I was thinking…
-Small one time members fees (just to cover club t-shirts or whatever)
-Fund raise money for societies (American Cancer Society, Leukemia, etc.)

Instead of doing bake sales and shit for our own good, we’ll donate all proceeds to these societies.
-Have maybe two group runs a week. Different pace groups.
-Socials (hang out and shit)
-Organize racing teams within the group if they want… (If there is a certain race coming up… people can get together and train for it)
-Find sponsors to maybe get us discounts on running gear and etc.


Any insight would be great.

Ultimately we just want to start a group where people can join of all fitness level.. make friends, get in shape, and help other people out(fund raising for those who are sick and etc.)

Good for you guys!!! Try to get a local shop to help with discounts and advertising.