so I’m getting a power tool set for christmas.

Ryobi 18v kit , it’s the five piece from Home Depot. Vac will be nice… flashlight would be handy, drill would get used… however I’ve never used a powered saw on anything before. Never really did use a drill for much besides as a powered screw driver.

Educate me.. I’m interested in getting started in a bit of beginner wood working… nothing that would need a planer or router or anything… that will come later. What are some good sites with plans for small projects?
ill let you know one thing about those powered saws, the go through batteries like crazy, good for like 5 mins… good tool set though!

I just need to find a resource that will give instructions and plans for simple stuff.

ryobi is junk, they use really low quality gears and brushes for their motors. all the recent ryobi stuff ive seen has broken down under normal stress
I agree, ryobi is crap (even tho i own that set)

fucking boss broke my dewalt xrp drill at work, and while im waiting for it to be sent off to be fixed i decided to buy that ryobi drill, saw, light, sander set. Granted it gets the job done but it lacks power and battery life.

The ryobi chain saw is a handy damn tool tho. Ive been using it for hunting