So i went out for milk in November

and just now got around to drinking it
I bought this bike in November, rode it a few times and then winter hit.. HARD so it’s been sitting neglected in my garage while I’ve been skiing, not getting any attention. The past few days have been beautiful so I actually managed to get out and ride a few times (just on the road…trails here are mud pits at the moment). I took the opportunity to get her out of the garage, cleaned up a bit, and snapped some pics.

It’s a 2008 Bianchi Sok 29er with X-9, Reba SL 29er fork, WTB speed-discs and Juicy Sevens..

I love it so far Went to this from a Cannondale f-4 hardtail 26"

fucking baller

I’d roll on that!

I really had not a clue Bianchi made MTB’s

they’ve been making them since the 80s

mmm italian steel

very nice ride…and great riding where you live.

mmm italian steel

Kellie is selling her Specialized, and buying a Cervelo P2C