Snowboarders unite!

where do you board. type of board. specs maybe? best gear?

i go everywhere i can.

i have a burton blunt 145 with Ride LX bindings and DC boots

You covered brah. As long as you got some 686 cloths ain’t no one going to shred the pow in your way!

going out for my birthday all day tomorrow. playing with binding position.

Technine Bindings (dominator on the arbor board on top. MFM Pro on the salomon below)

new board is the arbor element. both boards got new bindings from late season sales.

just replaced the dominators with burton missions.

Starting the sport this season, Hopefully I do not fall on my face or ass too much. I got my first taste 4 or so year ago, but never picked up any gear. However, now I feel like snowboarding is another hobby I want to get into so am beginning to piece together my gear starting with a pair of Salomon malamute boots, and a pair of Burton Cartel bindings. Will be picking up a K2 Zeppelin board in the near future. In the mean time, I’m just gonna use a friends old Burton board.

yeah my board is 2 years old and im only 5’10

but it is super easy and fun to butter with it

northstar/sierra at tahoe are my home resorts.

copped a 09 forum destroyer 56 and a 08 palmer flash ltd 54

i have way more fun on the 54 so i sold the destroyer last week.

strapping in with 08 union force bindings with salomon dialogue boots

staying toasty warm in my ronin onepiece

protecting my eyes with a-frames.

EXTREMLY old pic of my board. post new one tomorrow when i get it out to wax it

Just picked up my new setup last december

all 08 gear, burtons:

custom 156
cartel xl bindings
rulers, size 11

big bear just got 2 ft of pow from the recent rain so im def going