Smoke smell in apartment

I just moved into a new place and didn’t notice it when I toured the place, but one of the bedrooms smells like smoke. They replaced the carpet and painted the walls, yet the smell remains.

I put in one of those heated oil air fresheners, I hit it up daily with some Frebreze-type shit and leave the doors to the balcony open when I’m home, but it’s still there. Any tips?
You should’ve told them to give you the money and you’d replace the carpet yourself. Chances are they probably didn’t replace the padding.

my GF’s place had this problem. Something like the guy below her smoked and it cam ethrough a certain vent.
did you try washing the walls, doors, trim in pine sol? this works to an extent. even though it was painted the smell somehow seems to permeate through sometimes
you can go to Lowes and get a can of "Fire D". it removes all the smells. everything. it’s like febreeze on crack. and in an aerosol can.

It’s a fogger system so it will require you to leave the house for a bit… but it works damn good and specifically made for smoke smells.

If you can’t find it locally here’s a link.

If you leave containers of baking soda or charcoal in the room they are supposed to soak up the odor. I have also heard that white vinegar neutralizes smoke odor but I would use that as a last resort cause vinegar smells bad too
was the carpet replaced thoughout the apt? do you have any next-door neighbors that smoke? have all the fixtures in the room been thoroughly cleaned (switch plates, heaters, drapes, blinds, etc.?) if you can rule those three things out, it may be the walls. if the previous tenant was a heavy smoker or a long-time resident that smoked, a coat of paint will not cover the smell of smoke. the walls will have to primed with a shellac-based primer to seal in the odors.