Plumbing help?

First things first, I’m a complete newb with plumbing. So, please give me a break if I’m not using the correct terminology.

I’m replacing the sink in my bathroom. I put the new sink in with a new faucet, but now the drain in the sink doesn’t line up the same with the trap pipe underneath. What can I do to get the new drain connected?

Quick description: I have what appears to be (white) PVC pipe coming from the wall for waste. It is currently connected to a (black) ABS p-trap which is now about 2" away from the new drain. The original drain was right in front of the waste pipe in the wall. The new one has shifted slightly away from the wall and slightly to the right which is preventing the connection from lining up.

You MIGHT be able to rotate the trap. Some have threaded sections (like the one below) that you can loosen off, rotate the whole trap, then tighten back up in the new position.

If yours is just one solid piece, and you can’t rotate it. Or you can rotate it, but it still doesn’t reach you are probably going to have to cut the old trap off, and put a new adjustable one back on.

You might also have to get the new trap with a larger radius to reach the drain on the new sink.
Also, make sure you use BOTH cleaner and glue when putting it together. And dry fit it first, once you have it glued, you won’t be able to move it.
hey cybereye, thanks for the response. what i have now looks exactly that picture. i can rotate the trap, but it can’t reach the new drain. it falls about 2" short. will i have to extend the pipe coming out of the wall with some sort of couple?

yeah what you can do is cut the pipe coming out of the wall and install and outer coupling with pvc cleaner and pvc glue. very easy to do.

just get a hacksaw or fishing line will do and cut it where you want it. figure how much you need to add and find an outside female coupling to go over the two cut ends.
if you don’t want to do any cutting, you can try to find a trap that has a larger radius, that will work, then just unscrew the old trap and replace it with the piece of the new one.
If you choose to make a new connection between ABS and PVC, make sure you use "Universal" primer and cement.
so, i put the sink back on and found that the drain was not off to the side as i originally though, but it was still 2" further away. i went to home depot to try to get the parts that were recommended here and the guy there gave me an alternative. i cut the existing ABS elbow off of the PVC coming from the wall and cemented on a threaded end using a coupling (i used the PVC primer and cement). then, he had me use a slip joint and put a 1 1/4" adjustable p-trap on. works great… except for one thing, the new sink must be deeper than the original one because the drain pipe is too far down.

lol. at this point the whole fucking thing is comical. i should just be sticking with computers and not touching plumbing at all.

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Just go to home depot and wander around the plumbing isle and look for pieces that will work.

I hate plumbing when I first attempted it as well. Pissed me off to no end. I re-plumbed the kitchen/bathroom/laundry room. Did all the copper in one go, and was drinking as I was going. So by the time I was done I was a little drunk, and apparently fluxed, but forgot to solder one of the joints.
So when I turned the water back on to test for leaks,. BOOOOOM, the joint blew in half and water sprayed all over the damn place, all over me, etc.
Was kind of funny, but still.
i think i’m going to go home and punch a hole in the wall to see what’s behind it. a friend is telling me that it might be possible to run a new horizontal pipe a little lower down on the wall depending on how the pipe is in the wall.

at least i’m decent with dry wall, spackle and paint.