pants bands?

this isnt a serious topic… but i want serious answers and god knows what answer’s i would recieve in off topic…

I’m looking for some pant’s bands or straps for my pants but not ugly like those… anyone know where i could get something like that or black rubebr bands or something… this is for ghetto pants… im sure most of you have seen someone do this.

do you really need brand name pieces of velco? just buy some sticky velcro and stick the backs of them together…

check a bike store.

this belongs in the great outdoors.

so a bike store would have bands? where could i get some thick rubber bands? do you all even know what im talking about… how like thugs will do it so you can see their shoes

uh… most bike stores have yellow, highly visible leg straps to keep them from getting stuck in the drivetrain while you bike.

nothing in black like you’re want.

just go buy some bulk velcro bands or even microphone straps at a music store.

Most military bases sell blousing straps for BDU pants. If you live near one just ask some military friend to get you some. I use the 1" wide black ones and they work great.

I bought a pair at Gander Mountain, they are neopreane (sp?). I use them under my waders for duck hunting.

I have always used the simple metal band.