Elitist Bike CREW – A little help for a newb!

I know you guys are tired as shit of these threads, but give me a break…

I’ve read the EDU and other posts but can’t find what I’m looking for….

I’d like to get a decent mountain bike to ride the trails around here – here being in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and possibly other places in Europe. So everything from flat to somewhat serious trails..

I’m 5’9", 169 lbs for those doing the math.

I’m willing to spend around $800~$1000 on a new bike. Of course, the best value for the cheapest price is good for me!

What’s the definitive place to buy MTB gear online?

I’m looking for some new shorts. Thanks.

pricepoint.com, blueskycycling.com, and actually now with the exchange rate the UK bike shop web pages are great prices!

anyone know anything on snowboards?

im about to move out west and will be around snow a lot….i have never been on one before and i dont know what to look for……any website about them would be great…..

your best bet would be to hang out in snowboard crew threads in the main forum.

or search for all their responses.

your best bet would be to hang out in snowboard crew threads in the main forum.
MTB Crew — Is this Shock worth a shit

Should i get it for my Trek 4300 ???

vbrake bosses ftl

not a bad fork. but look on ebay..

on eBay

I bought mine at a local shop for under $200 (new bike takeoff; some client upgraded his build) back in July ’08. I like it so far because the fork I upgraded from only had rebound adjust. Lockout ftw

Oh, just noticed you linked the U-turn model. Nice if your bike can handle the 130mm end or it’ll rake out too much. Mine is the regular Tora 318 Air, so only 100mm travel.


I NEED a set of King hubs…..

them. Laced to some Stans Flows. This is owning my life and consuming my thoughts during rides.

Someone convince me my XT hubs/same rims are sufficient.

the xt hubs are not sufficient

fwiw, i have king iso’s on my bike laced to some mavics with tubless tires….i love my king hubs.

king freewheels sound like thousands of angry bees….they’re fucking loud!… you should get them…

^ they sound awesome…i love the looks i get hauling ass downhill freewheeling hahah


What kind of padded shorts should I look into? v.I’mafattie

I wear 38×32 jeans and all the shorts I saw at the local shop looked like they were for some tiny ass……asses

I’ll probably wear shorts over them anyways so I don’t really care what they look like. Looking to spend the least amount possible while still protecting my genatalia

Also, is there a brand/model for clipless shoes/pedals that are geared towards people with wider feet?

I think I found what I need but nashbar is out of stock

what do you all think about this pack (campers)

thinking about getting that to replace the one-strap duffel i currently use. would probably be better if i wanted to do anything besides car camping, yah?

for the cost of that pack you could probably get a much larger internal frame pack at campmor, rei, or backcountry

What do you need anything besides a camelbak for if your just doing car camping?

Give some specific needs and a price range and I’m sure all of us could find something better.


:wavey: I’m back from my Mt. Washington Climb v.picsinside!

As some of you may have noticed/read/etc… I’ve had a growing interest in mountain climbing for the past few years. Well, after two years of acquiring gear, I finally started putting it in motion.

A few months back I signed up for a guided climb of Mt. Washington through REI.

For the past few months I’ve been training (not enough) to get my cardio up and I’ve been reading and researching Mt. Washington. It also turned out, purely by coincidence, that this month’s National Geographic has a nice 10 page feature on it.

Help me pick a mountain bike

My roomate got the biking bug stuck in my ear and while he is adimate about going with a road bike I’m more of a mountain bike kind of guy. I’m still in grad school and the university has a fair amount of xc trails near campus and I’m in farm country and only about 2 hrs from Holiday Valley for warm weather riding. Anyway, I used to own a Giant vt1 but I’m not sure if I want to get back into the free riding style or go with a hard tail. I’m possibly looking at a Specialized Rockhopper or something along those lines. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


how would OT rate these LED lights?

sure -nothing to write home about, but looking for SOMETHING 1/2 way decent for my kids when it’s dusk, etc…

give it a go. they look like they’d come with a traffic safety kit.

Any idea what kind of LEDs the headlight uses? Cree makes the best LEDs right now; Nichia makes cheaper, dimmer LEDs, but they’re still better than the no-names.

I have an LED flashlight the size of an inhaler that’s brighter than a cheap Surefire. It uses a single Cree Q5 LED.