Bozeman, MT > Wasilla, AK in May/June?

The wife and I are thinking about possibly doing a road trip in late May. I’ve never driven thru Canada to Alaska before and I am wondering if it is do-able? The alternative is flying of course but there’s no adventure in that (done that 5 times).

How are roads up there in late May? We are very early in the planning process so any help would be appreciated.

We are thinking Great Falls, MT > Calgary > Edmonton > Grande Prairie > all the way to Whitehorse > and over the AK border. I’m reading a little on this site –

Motobecane worth a crap?

I’m looking for a cheap bike to use for exercise/commuting/whatever…no competition or anything super long distance or anything. I came across the Motobecane Fantom CX and it seems like a good fit for what I’m looking to do and is only $550 new.

What’s everyone’s opinion on CX? Or should I get more of a road bike like a Trek 1000? Looking to supplement running to give my joints a break, and I just like the speed/feel of riding a bike.

from my understanding, BD bought the rights to use the brand names they sell (Motobecane, Windsor, Mercier, etc). Most (if not all) of their bikes are sourced from China/Taiwan, which is no different than almost every other brand I’ve seen out there (except for the Cannondale CAAD9, which is made in the USA). All other entry level bikes are usually made elsewhere. You’ve got to go high end if you want something with a made in the USA or Italy/your no-Asian country of choice.

looking to buy a bike for commuting to work

thinking about buying a used bike off craigslist to commute to work.. its about a 4 mile ride each way and it’s all side streets through residential areas mostly (about 85% residential).

i was hoping to spend under $300. any suggestions? are schwinn bikes any good? i see a bunch of them on craigslist. should i be getting a road bike? i just looked online and based on my inseam i should get a bike around 48-49 cm? i’m 5’7"

this is where im looking:

SWEET NEW WHEELS: another bikeforum cross post by me

haha, got my new wheels finished up today. extremely excited to go ride them tomorrow (its going to be nice this weekend)
Brown King Hubs; Black DT1.1RR; DT Comp Spokes
bike weighs 17.71lbs as it sits in said photo (sans bag)

ooh that looks sweet.

yeah i’m getting excited to ride in pseudo spring weather

Not bad. I love riding new wheels.
I get so excited at race weekends because I get to put the Reynolds DV46’s on the bike. Damn, I can’t wait for sunday…



I’ve had a bit of a poke about online but I can’t seem to find any websites dealing with either Kojima or Monza road bikes. Of what quality are these brands? Are the rubbish or are the worth looking into?

So i went out for milk in November

and just now got around to drinking it
I bought this bike in November, rode it a few times and then winter hit.. HARD so it’s been sitting neglected in my garage while I’ve been skiing, not getting any attention. The past few days have been beautiful so I actually managed to get out and ride a few times (just on the road…trails here are mud pits at the moment). I took the opportunity to get her out of the garage, cleaned up a bit, and snapped some pics.

It’s a 2008 Bianchi Sok 29er with X-9, Reba SL 29er fork, WTB speed-discs and Juicy Sevens..

Picking me up a new bike in the morning.

Trek 4300.

I know I know…..

it’s pretty weak but i don’t ride enough to justify spending anything over $500 and this one is barely over that.

It will be a nice step up from my Trek 3700 which is down and out. was gonna cost me $300 to fix all the shit that’s wrong with it which is more than i fucking paid for the thing brand new.

Trek 4300.
ATTN: speedplay pedal riders

So, I purchased a pair of Sidi Genius 5s (fit better than any offering from specialized/shimano) and speedplay zeros a few months back and had a little bit of a problem with hot spots on the outside metatarsals on both feet. This seems to have gone away, but recently went for a fairly long ride and it was so bad my outside toes were starting to get numb.

I just replaced the stock insoles with some Dr Scholl’s memory foam inserts (they guarantee comfort) before I went and tried the Specialized footbeds and this seemed to have solved the problem for my left foot, but my right foot still gets pretty uncomfortable even after about 20 miles

Help me out please

So i’ve been looking at road bikes.

these 2 i might get.

This is going to be my first bike yo!

Now it lists all these parts and i don’t know shit about bikes so yeah.

I’m 5’5 and i’m pretty sure those bikes would suit me fine from the research i have done.

Are those good bikes? What should i look for when i go see them IRL?

anything else i need?(besides gloves, helmet, and ball protection?)


Boat value

Looking at a 93 Scout Sportfish II with dual console and 97 Evinrude 70,
you guys think $2500 is a good deal?

Looking at a 93 Scout Sportfish II with dual console and 97 Evinrude 70,
you guys think $2500 is a good deal?

With or without trailer?