New Blender: Need Tips

Just got this blender from Walmart for $35:

It came with a food processor attachment which I think will come in handy. Maybe some fresh salsa?

I just made my first smoothie with: 2 apples, 2 bananas. 1 orange, about 3 cups milk, 3 cups ice, and 2-3 tablespoons of honey.

It came out ‘ok’ and no matter what I know I just had a damn healthy meal. But it wasnt really super tasty. And I would like some advice as to what I can do with this thing.

If you know a recipe or have any tips for making things with a blender or food processor, please help me out. I really wanna shed some extra weight and the better the stuff I learn to make the more I’m gonna use it.

Thanks for any help peoples.
For smoothies? Use some berries, maybe?

and wtf, honey?
why honey? Try including some protein shake to it to add more substance than sugars from the fruits.

I’d try bananas, star berries, and maybe a little lowfat vanilla icecream to give it a smoother feel.
I buy a big bag of chopped-up frozen fruit at costco. Dump some of that into the blender, fill to the top of the fruit with whatever kind of juice is on hand, and blend. Always good.

True. Those big bags of frozen fruit are amazing for smoothies. My ex used to do this all the time.

Cool I’ll have to pick up a bag of frozen fruit from there. I looked at a smoothie recipe website and the one thing many of the recipes have in that I totally forgot about is yogurt.

I add honey because I love it and its full of all kinds of good things. Its one of the best sugar sources you can find, but of course being a sugar you dont want too much of it. It has antioxidants and is a real easy for your body to breakdown and assimilate…giving you energy quickly.

A lot of people underestimate the benefits of honey, but from what I have read its mega good for you. And of course it taste so freaking good.

You get the mixed fruit ones and you’re all set. Here’s my no fail recipe:

3-4 spoonfuls of vanilla or plain non-fat yogurt
Fill up the blender about 2/3 with fruit
4-8oz of fruit juice of your choice
1 scoop of protein powder (optional)
4-8oz of soy milk (or cows milk if your stomach tolerates it)

and blend

I like my smoothies sweeter so I put in a few packets of Splenda.

Just don’t put a lot of milk or ice. Both dilute the taste of the fruit and make it less flavorful and sweet.

Personally I don’t like ice in mine. The frozen fruit is a better subsitute if you want it super cold.

Yep, frozen fruit, juice(I like OJ), and sherbet. Great snack!!
Anyone have a recommendation for a reasonably priced blender that can actually chop ice rather than just bounce the cubes around? I’ve tried three different blenders that claim they can chop/crush ice and returned all of them because they could do a damn thing with ice cubes.

Anyone have a recommendation for a reasonably priced blender that can actually chop ice rather than just bounce the cubes around?

this will sound stupid cuz its on tv all the time… but i love my magic bullet… perfect for smoothies, protein shakes, destroying ice cubes and if you order on tv you get a blender top and a juicer too.

a bit steep at almost 500 ( you can pick one up for 300 or so) But its what we use at the restaurant. It will make ice turn to dust
I think I’ll give the Magic Bullet a try. I’ve heard others mention it too. It seemed too small to get the job done, but it’s certainly worth a try before dropping hundreds of dollars on a freakin blender. Otherwise it might be that vita-prep or some other $300 blender a friend recommended. Coiincidently, it was also one that was on a TV ad. I’ve seen his work though so I do know it can pulverize ice. It’s just a really expensive way to do it.

My usual protein shake:

half a banana
tablespoon of natural peanut butter
chocolate whey
lowfat milk

I think it’s pretty damn good and easy, you can also add some bran cereal for some extra fiber and texture
trust me… if you don’t put too much in the magic bullet you will get great shakes and will not regret the purchase, although it doesn’t live up to everything it says i can do on tv, but perfect for smoothies, shakes, etc.. it will not really chop things just blend them like the highest level on a regular blender…