needs ideas for a humidor/wine cabinet

Want to build two cabinets for two family members for Christmas, to hold both cigars and wine, pref angled racks. Plan on using Spanish cedar and mahogany and to implement some kind of lighting and on the cigar part of of the cabinet the humidor gear to keep them nice. Mostly a red drinkers so should be a nice combo. Anyone want to post photos of nice ones they can find on the internet? Googled a few haven’t seen anything I liked or that required much skill to build.. want a challenge Thanks
Humidor on the top with a lift top and maybe several wood trays or just a sectioned one for organization. Could even add multiple layers of trays for more cigars. Then a wine rack on the bottom with the angled racks and lighting mouted in the back of the cabinet. A glass door on there would be really nice so you could see the wines. Maybe even a glass lift top for the humidor so you can see the cigars also.

You could also make the lift top for he humidor a bit smaller than the cabinet and leave a section on the side for your humidifier. On the nonopening flat part along the side of the top you should mount a nice analog hygrometer.