My favorite wine

My favorite wine only 10 a bottle, and @ 13.4%

Some of the best you will find coming out of California’s wine country.
Mine is Black Opal. An Australian wine. I would recommend the 2005 Shiraz. Its delicious. You can get it between 7 to 10 dollars.

we need more pics of the bottle for each of these that way i can identify them better. i like wine (i think) but have no idea what is good or not aka i cant tell a good wine from a bad one
I’m still apeshit over the Ripasso I tried not too long ago.

All of their wine is very smooth, and extremely well made. I highly recomend them, they make the best champaign I’ve had to date. I’ve had people that never liked wine, or consider themselves not to be wine drinkers but once they have tried J they are hooked, seriously some good wine.

J is good wine, and Penny Coster is really really nice.

My favorite wine only 10 a bottle, and @ 13.4%

the only gripe i have about red bicylicette is that i had to sit through an hour and a half marketing class where our guest speaker was from gallo (who makes red bicyclette) try to throw propaganda at us hyped up to purchase it(pre-release)

try sitting through a tasting at mondavi. they will sell you 5 different types of corkscrews if you let em.