Mr. Clean Magic Erasers WORK!

Just last week I discovered the Mr. Cleam Magic Eraser, I thought they were just a gimmick but for $1.99 I bought two. I used them on the walls and scuff marks. Then I went out to my car and used it on my dash board where I had some really bad black rubber streeks on my tan interior and it came RIGHT OFF! These little pieces of crazy white foam are amazing! Seriously worth the 2 bucks!
shit i might try that then, my wifes car has some rubber scuffs from when we tried to load a too big office chair in a box into a too small two door

They work really well, definately worth having a supply especially if you have kids.

this is true. still, its amazing how effective these work! im not sure if it says in the directions, but because there is some sort of solvent in the foam, i recommend rinsing w/ a clean towel to get any residue off of what your cleaning.
they clean my white shoes like no other.. i used them to keep all of my shoes fresh and clean.

clean leather tennis shoes better than anything i’ve ever found. Great ain’t they??

Love them, especially with children. We use it most frequently on walls, shoes, shower/bath
when they first came out they worked the best, then after a while they changed the formula and they diddent work quiet as good. Dont get me wrong they rock , but they used to rick more
The old ones are the ones that would take the paint off – I think they had to tone them down a little.

With a 2 year old, I keep a small stash of them at all times.
I love these things thye work great on alot of things we use them for cleaning the bath tub in our apartment all the time aswell as all the walls