Motobecane worth a crap?

I’m looking for a cheap bike to use for exercise/commuting/whatever…no competition or anything super long distance or anything. I came across the Motobecane Fantom CX and it seems like a good fit for what I’m looking to do and is only $550 new.

What’s everyone’s opinion on CX? Or should I get more of a road bike like a Trek 1000? Looking to supplement running to give my joints a break, and I just like the speed/feel of riding a bike.

from my understanding, BD bought the rights to use the brand names they sell (Motobecane, Windsor, Mercier, etc). Most (if not all) of their bikes are sourced from China/Taiwan, which is no different than almost every other brand I’ve seen out there (except for the Cannondale CAAD9, which is made in the USA). All other entry level bikes are usually made elsewhere. You’ve got to go high end if you want something with a made in the USA or Italy/your no-Asian country of choice.

Going through BD you will generally get a better group set than what a comparable entry level road offering from brands like Trek. What kind of riding you do will justify what you want from your purchase. I don’t know enough about riding to give any advice to that. I got a hybrid/fitness for commuting and am adding a road bike as well since the flat bar on my commuter sucks for anything over baout 30 miles (lack of hand positions).

That should be the same frame as the 06/07 Fuji Cross Comp. It’s a fine bike, although the Sora components are slightly lacking. They’ll work just fine, don’t get me wrong, but most get the upgrade bug after a season.

I can’t decide if I should go with a CX/heavier tire styled bike or just go for a skinny full road bike. My roommates Trek 1000 looks pretty sweet.

go for a ride and see what you like. Unless you are massive (well over 200 pounds) a 23/25 width tire will be more than adequate for most everyday riding. Comparing to a Trek 1 series, you’re looking at least $300 (list) than the Moto.

Like fire said though a lot of the BD bikes are re-badged Fujis, so if you have a Fuji dealer (Performance Bike) around you, you could get a pretty good idea for fit/feel/geometry and compare to your roommate’s Trek.

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How long is too long to ride on a CX bike? I like the versatility of that style but I also want to be able to get a good workout ride.

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cyclocross has more options, but they’re built heavier. great for touring or doing some casual rides.

a primary road bike will have more speed for you.