Mixed Drinks, Help!

So my new girlfriend likes mixed alcoholic drinks. What are some good ones that have a "tropical or fruity" flavor? She doesn’t like rum either..Suggestions please?
what kinda liquor does she like?

i thought most "fruity" drinks were made with rum
The flavored Absoluts, like Kurant or Citron, are pretty good with sodas or flavored water.
Margarita, Frozen Daquiri, Fuzzy Navel, Cosmopolitan…….
what does "doesn’t like rum" mean? Is it the taste, because rum mixed drinks certainly don’t taste like rum. However, if she’s allergic, that’s a suitable answer. Otherwise she’s talking out her ass My wife doesn’t like the taste of rum either, but she likes rum mixed drinks fine.

Anyway, any fruit juice plus a decent vodka is good. My wife likes pomegranates, so I get pomegranate juice and mix it half with vodka (absolut) in a tumbler full of ice. She really likes that.

If you do margarita, then however you make it, give it a splash of Grand Marnier at the end. It takes a standard margarita up a level.

Personally when I’m drinking mixed drinks, I like Amaretto Sours, and when I have people over I always get limes and mint and make Mojitos (which is a rum-based drink). Those are my two preferred mixed drinks.
she just doesnt like the taste of rum, and she might only not like the taste of captain morgan spice rum.
Vodka, orange juice, tropical punch kool aid. So good and cheap.
for all your drink making needs

I like mixed drinks made with tequila the best, I don’t taste the alcohol as much as I would with vodka or rum.
I like to make strawberry margaritas with frozen peaches. Just throw 6 or 7 frozen peach slices in with the mix, ice and tequilla and you get yummy little frozen peach bites in your margarita. Yummy!
Does she like sangria?

wine, fruit juices, fruit pieces, sprite and I often add some hard liquor as well like a flavoured vodka. Big bowl. Drink yum.
Not tropical but a drink that some womenz I know enjoyed is strawberry milk and vanilla vodka.
malibu rum (doesn’t taste like rum, has a cocnut flavor!) peach schnapps , o.j. , pineapple juice and grenadine. sex on the beach…watch out for the sand, lol!!you don’t need the grenadine but makes it a nice pink color!!
one of my favorite is the mojito, has rum but its clear rum

mint/lime/cane sugar/rum/sprite = yummy