making chocolates

any good ideas on making chocolate? or what kind of things to put in it to make it yummier?

i’ve been wanting to do this for awhile. however, i don’t feel like i should start from scratch like cocoa beans just yet…

is there anything i can make a mold out of ? (relatively cheap)

any kinda hints would be super awesome ^__^

~to be choco-addict
If you want to make chocolate, truffles are a good thing to try. They are super easy to make and tasty enough to impress You can find a basic recipe here: and experiment with different liquers to see what you like the best (I like baileys truffles best).

Also, if you just want to mold you can find chocolate molds in pretty much any craft store (A.C. Moore, etc)
Add some raspberrys,mint or orange (flavor) to your chocolate too. to give it some kick.

and truffles are simple just a bit of a pain in the ass.
this is a little different but i love these and everyone i make them for love them too! they are bound to be a favorite of yours if you like chocolate chip cookie dough.

Cookie Dough Truffles

1/2 cup butter, softened

another really yummy thing to do is to take some of that bark chocolate stuff and dip those gummy orange slices in the chocolate. so good!
if yoru gonna be making chocolate from bittersweet chocolate you’re gonna either have a really good electric stove or a tempering machine. it’s a pain in the ass to get the right tempering. If you higher or lower for too long you’ll get all the Cocoa butter rising to the service… it’ll look like 3 year old chocolate and taste as nasty. It looks like you’re not into being a chocolatier anytime soon but if you want any cool projects start off with basic molds that you can purchase at any Culinary/Kitchen supply store like Sur Le Table. Chocolate covered strawberries is a fun thing to start with. use a bain marie (steam bath) to melt milk chocolate over a low boil and just dip the fruit in and lay it either on a cooling rack or wax parchment paper. Have fun with cool designs and drizzles some white chocolate over it.

If you feel like going for more advanced stuff go for truffles as your first step. I took a culinary course for about a year and we spent a month on chocolate. This was our first assignment. Fun but annoying. have fun!
I actually made Truffles just the other night (did a surprise early V-day for my wife). They turned out really well, but you have to keep the bittersweet chocolate that you cover the ganache in between 90 and 94 degrees otherwise it won’t snap when bite into the truffle. To me, that was the hardest part. Making the ganache was pretty easy, putting them into balls was messy, but fairly easy… the rest was more difficult

Also, counter to what Scrum said, I wouldn’t do anything in milk chocolate. If you’re melting chocolate to dip strawberries into or something, use a dark chocolate. It’ll taste better (imo) and dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate
the food network was running a special on chocolate this last week.

yeh i caught some of it )= too bad i didn’t know earlier.

thanks for all the ideas ^__^