Making a girl dinner in 4 days.. need ideas.

Girl I’m interested in but not obviously. It can’t be ultra romantic or anything, but i want an awesome dinner idea for her. She says she’s not picky unless it’s sushi.

Help me TGI!

serve with a light salad and pasta, and voila.
Haha… and when she asks what it is I’m supposed to tell her it’s "wedding soup"? It sounds damn good though. I might give this one a go.
I would make a pasta – it doesn’t have to be ultra romantic, but italian food is pretty romantic. Plus, it is fairly easy to make and most everyone loves it. If you need a recipe, you can browse,, and or if you need help tell me what kind you like and I’ll post an easy recipe

I think I’ve actually decided on Manhatten Steak and Shrimp Cocktails served with steamed veggies.. haha.
still deciding on appetiser and wine choice. Desert will be strawberries with a cream sauce that my mom makes.

That sounds like an excellent choice!